Tuesday 24 November 2009

Redhead Social Networking Site... Gingerism or Just Exclusive?

Redhead-world.com is it 'Gingerism' or exclusive, hence exclusionary? A new social networking site works toward building 'real' positive redhead identity. Under 200 members at the moment... the need for an 'all redhead site' potentially speaks volumes about redhead mainstream exclusion and the need to form a community, albeit online!

Concentrating on just the 'gingerism' can be depressing... glad to promote redhead-world.net on gingerism.com, whether its a loose connection or not.

Join interest groups, blogg, chat, place classifieds, post on boards, forums, add and swap photos, check out redhead events, participate in polls and post articles.

Check it out @ http://www.redhead-world.net/

Its completely free and easy to build a profile. Get on it!

Monday 23 November 2009

"Police: Facebook site may have led to beating of 12-year-old"

"The beating of 12-year-old boy by a group of classmates at a Southern California middle school may be linked to a Facebook posting encouraging kids to target redheads, authorities say... A Facebook page stating that Friday was "Kick a Ginger Day," referring to redheads and possibly inspired by an episode of the "South Park" series..."

Click the link for CNN FULL STORY


Dogging the Mainstream Fashion

I hope you like my alias Nate my ginger, my hoe, my bitch. Its in honour of your oppression my brother... but seriously... fuck offffffff!!!!!!! Oh no the nasty 12 year olds are calling me names! Make an official complaint you wanker! Toughen up son! If anyone in the UK complained about the power their boss had over them... the reply would be 'alright, on your bike!'.

Anyway, my actual brother (not a ginger brother) tells me that its a bad idea to join this bloggsite. He says its likely that Keiron and Madassa are the same person and I'll end up being stalked, hunted and axed by a psychotic, skitso. Will the real Madassa pleas stand up! My brother calls gingerism.com the thin red line. He's a a complete non-redheaded bastard. Well at least we (the family) thought he was the milkman's son on account of him not having redhair... until we read about how the redhead gene can skip around a lot. My brother is probably the biggest anti-red around, like a staunch US capitalist prick from the 50's or a microscoft executive. My brother is always calling me 'ginga', etc. and his oz mate who always calls me 'ranga'.

Anyway I figure this blogg site is depressing at times... it really is the darker side of redhair. With all the stupid shit done to and written about redheads over history I recon we are the smartest people in the world just by default... but by that reconing it would make blondes geniuses and the natives of the colonies and some ex-slaves in the US complete gods... But in just thinking about the many major parts of Europe that believed letting a redhead into the dairy would turn the milk sour makes me realise… well... we are definitely the gods of Europe, even if only by default.

Madassa your a little nutty, but Keiron tells me your gingerism.com's nutter... which makes you fine by me. I'm also not sure that you and Keiron still aren't the same person so best leave the mentally ill, best alone... well at least as far as slinging verbal abuse goes. Not to be pc, but just cause I like staying alive! :)

What pisses me off the most about the mainstream is this!!! Of all the hundreds of model agencies in london not one of them has a redhead on the books. A redhead is only a blonde and a bottle away... I'd like to think we redheads are smart enough to do cash jobs under the table to avoid taxes... but Im guessing it isn't so... mainstream bastard, assholes!! @%$*&£... I was right to say “carrot tops are green and not red” as the young comeback kid... carrot tops are green, green with envy!!!!... which is incidentally the colour a redheads hair turns if you attempt to bleach blonde your hair. Red-life's not fuckin fair!

Madassa I read that your into poetry... let me know what you think!

The Fanta Pants Sizzle - By Dogg

Upon picking up that ginger beer be sure to pickup some ice-cream.
You must test the theory of the best desert in town.
A spider or a float made with fanta, now that is supreme.

But be careful now freckled and non-freckled folk,
That you don't happen upon an author of gingerism.com.
Some are likely to cut your throat, as none of them seem at all calm.

This one seems to be mighty quick and will kick some ass at rhyme,
So... spin, spin as fast as you can.
You cant catch me I'm the ginger haired man.

Some say our skin is deficient its freckly and burns double time,
But soon the world will be vitamin D deficient that's where we're in our prime,
That's when all these dots join up and our tans will be doin' fine.

But for now be careful what you say to a redhead whose genes can skip a generation.
Dont piss us off...
Or... us redheds will have your first born.

Dogg out ginger's

Thursday 19 November 2009

Can It Be That Reds Heads Are Only Protected In One State Of Australia

I wrote an email to the Australian Human Rights Commission... The content of the email was mostly cut and pasted from my 'Redhead Employment Discrimination' article. The reply outlined the following...

"This Commission can only investigate complaints of discrimination on the basis of age, race, disability and sex... Unfortunately this Commission does not have the power to investigate discrimination on the basis of physical appearance.

If you live in Victoria you may wish to contact the Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission as it may be able to take a complaint about discrimination based on physical appearance. Its website is http://www.humanrightscommission.vic.gov.au/home.asp."

The reply also outlined a website for free legal advice.
www.naclc.org.au very helpful.

Good on you Victorian Government! Yet another reason to move to Victoria.

Now any suggestions from anyone to help out those minorities who live in other parts of Australia would be much appreciated.

Wednesday 18 November 2009

Redhead Employment Discrimination (Continued) COMMENT RESPONSE

Frednotred and Anonymous number one,

I have read your comments to my 'Redhead Employment Discrimination' article.

This response is so long that I couldn't send it as a comment (Greater than the word limit allowed). I had to write another blogg to reply to your comments.

I am glad you have made comment on my article it allows me to clean up my ideas and voice the minority discrimination felt within the mainstream.

1) The discrimination faced in schools by redheads is different in complexity and severity levels than ethnic and other minority groups. Its like comparing baseball to football or tennis. Each type and incident of discrimination has varying different social action and consequences.

- A major key difference for redheads is the support level gained from non-administration staff as opposed to administration (i.e. Assistant Principals) who 'MUST' deal with all discrimination.
- In my experience the taunting and harassment of redheads is 'NOT' seen by a large group of colleagues to be insulting or offensive, it is played down and seen as fun or lower level harassment to other forms (such as racism). In this social environment it makes a redheads taunting completely legitimised not just by the student bullies, but also by many colleagues.
- This type of discrimination may or may not be common amongst other minority groups, and possibly may even be more or less severe, but ALL discrimination of this kind is WRONG.
- Any person who finds themselves in this position of the discrimination described above finds that they are not just fighting student bullies, but many of their colleagues as well.
- Fighting colleagues puts me on the back foot and open to workplace victimisation, bullying and harassment.
- Fighting colleagues does not help my employment chances.

2) Please understand that I have NO intention of making a “formal complaint” against ANY assistant principal I have worked with.
- It has been a privilege to work with each of the assistant principals I have worked with. I have found their stance on the issue comforting and frequently on occasions of student abuse where the assistant principals were immediately present to be invaluable and highly supportive in their responses. One assistant principal despite their own belief of 'ranga' being inoffensive, still fully supported me on this issue.
- To 'formally complain' about an assistant principal on the issue, puts these highly supportive individuals who hire me in the firing line.
- This does not help my employment chances.
- These assistant principals who are under pressure and I quote “have way more complicated issues to deal with”... by the logic of the pair of you two... the assistant principals do not need the extra issue of a redhead on campus.
- By your own account this factor does not help my employment chances.
- I have a question for the two of you. Are the two of you just a couple of instigators attempting to bully me into 'formally complaining' to see what happens? Because neither of your responses support either the assistant principals concerned or myself. If identifying myself as a proud redhead has taught me anything it is this... it is never ok to scape goat! I will never 'formally complain' these individuals (assistant principals) who are stuck between a rock and hard place and are not the issue.
- Frednotred the fact that you remain un-identified as an individual and demand a 'formal complaint' I find absurd on a great many levels... the fact that you find my article “offensive” I find laughable.

3) I will be writing a lot more incident reports in schools to gain support in fighting redhead employment discrimination. I will be writing to my union, local schooling authority, my local MP and a variety of other avenues in attempts to begin raising awareness of the issues I am already facing as a redheaded teacher in schools.

IMPORTANT: I will be writing and where appropriate consulting appropriate help to maintain the confidentiality of the schools and individuals concerned to ensure no 'formal complaint OR action' or other action takes place.

- The article the two of you have commented on is the first of many in raising the issues I face as a redhead minority in mainstream society.
- I will NOT suffer ANY prejudice, discrimination, bullying OR harassment in silence!

4) Frednoted you write “I find it quite offensive that he should make such allegations...”
- I have not made any allegations... no individual, no school, no department, no city/town, no state have been identified.
- I have reported my experiences of discrimination as a redhead minority in a mainstream system.
- If I have insinuated indirect and systematic discrimination in my article I can assure you its intentional.
- I have reported facts.
- I find that those who have been my greatest support while in school are the assistant principals who are also in a position to be most accountable for the discrimination. My issue is an issue of awareness of the effect of discrimination I have described.
- I will NOT be bullied into 'Naming and Shaming' by a complete coward-bully who has decided to use an alias to criticise.
- Frednotred next time you read one of my articles, please ask questions to understand my position DO NOT attempt to alienate me.


The issue is complex. But to sum up!

- Fighting redhead abuse in schools is draining... I am keenly aware of the risk of burn out.

- Assistant principals are also aware of the risk of their own burn out and can only help so far.

- Awareness of redhead discrimination and its consequences is a MUST for a fair and just workplace for redheads.

- I will NOT suffer ANY prejudice, discrimination, bullying OR harassment in silence!

Monday 16 November 2009

Redhead Employment Discrimination

I have recently graduated from University and am now fully qualified to work in Australian Middle and Secondary schools.

I have been working as a relief teacher since August trying to get my foot in the door at any school so I can possibly gain a contract.

Partly thanks to the harrasment and bullying I have received in high school and the workplace myself and partly a family tragedy I feel its important for my own mental health that I don't move and work in the country so I can stay close to family and friend support.

I have found work in a couple of very low socio-economic mainstream schools and a non-mainstream school for students at severe 'risk'.

I have found that the discrimination towards redheads is disturbing to the point that I am feeling as if my job maybe at risk because I am a redhead.

As a relief teacher I would expect some amount of flack from students, but the students yell "RANGA".

Many friends and family say ignore it. I ignore it and the same students take advantage of the relief teacher who is so easily socially undermined as a "Ranga" and the students begin calling the indigenous student a "Gin" and the asian teacher a "Gook" the whole issue becomes an admin nightmare as the assistant principal has to deal with the fall-out.

If I don't ignore it. The student ignores any reason I give that its not appropriate and the 'Ranga' name calling increases... to the point that all I end up doing is exhaust myself in the hallways switching between classes while attempting to stop students abuse in front of colleges that give me no support at all. The students push until you have no choice but to take it higher and the assistant principal is yet again involved.

WHO WANTS TO HIRE AN ADMIN ISSUE OF THIS SORT? No assistant principal wants to deal with this kind of problem day in day out, especially not for a relief teacher they can replace so easily.

One assistant principal I have worked with has a partner who is a redhead and I gained quite a lot of support from them initially, despite an open conversation amongst staff that felt strongly that there was nothing wrong with the students calling me a "Ranga". Eventually after a number of students being sent home for a day or two, all the students understood it was inappropriate for a while and the problem eventually resurfaced. I haven't been offered work there recently even though I know that some of the teachers are taking days off and and they are in need of a relief teacher there.

I have had open conversations amongst colleges about the insult "Ranga" in two of the schools I have worked at. Majority of staff amongst both schools felt it wasn't an insult and that I was being too sensitive and made out like I was the issue.

A student told me once that a redhead teacher had previously worked there and used to handle the issue and "Ranga" abuse a lot less effectively than me and even left the school because of the abuse. I would like to hear from anyone else who has suffered from any of this type of discrimination.

I don't know where I should go for support, any suggestion would be great.

I know I'll get a teaching contract eventually.

I just don't think relief teaching is much of an option. In the short experience I have had being a redhead and a teacher the work I have in front of me is not exactly encouraging... as if being a teacher isn't hard enough. I am very qualified and am great in interviews and the department releases a bunch of metro jobs in a couple weeks. Fingers crossed!

Thursday 5 November 2009


A poets attempt at song writing


Kick them gingers for a joke

We don't like them ginger folk

kick them gingers for a laugh

The sight of gingers make us barf

ha! ha! ha! ha! hee! hee! hee!

Them f*cking gingers ain't like me

Kick them gingers for a lark

But only date one if it's dark

Kick them gingers-kick 'em dead

Show your contempt for the f*cking redhead

ha! ha! ha! ha! hee! hee! hee!

Them f*cking gingers ain't like me

Them f*cking gingers make us cringe

Ridicule their f*cking minge

Them f*cking gingers shouldn't be

The world should be for people like me

ha! ha! ha! ha! hee! hee! hee!

Them f*cking gingers ain't like me