Wednesday 26 August 2009


Hitler’s ‘IDEAL, PERFECT’ example of the Aryan race, of the human race was – a blue eyed, blonde.

The rest of society seems to concur with Hitler that Blonde is the best thing. That Blonde is superior. If Blonde is superior it follows that Redheads are inferior.

Most men want a Blonde on their arm and most women want to be Blonde. A few dye their hair RED but they won’t have a history of the negativity of ‘ginger’ weighing them down like a millstone round their neck.

The ‘mind game’ I’m supposed to believe is that other women, my sexual rivals are jealous of me, which is why they mostly dye their hair Blonde and then from their SUPERIOR, MAJORITY position ‘tease’ me because I’m only a ‘ginger’. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Are my sexual rivals really being friendly?

So Blondes walk around being ‘Desirable & Sexy - while REDheads get to be the funny looking little things with ‘cupid stunts’ that are ‘teased’, called ‘ginger’ names and laughed at.

While it’s possible men are thinking ‘with their little head’ when they’re looking at a redheaded girl and calling her names, such a limp excuse cannot be claimed by women.

Women are bitches about all of their sexual rivals. Unfortunately women make the best ‘teasers’ because women are, generally speaking, bitchy about other women despite the talk of ‘sisterhood’. I don’t believe a natural redhead can really belong to such a club. Despite women’s liberation I don’t think women will ever be liberated from being bitches it’s what we do best and it never prevents us from getting on with other multiple tasks that we have to do.

Was Hitler right? Are Blondes superior to Redheads? Are we all judgemental, discriminatory, Fascist, Nazi’s now, deriding anything that is not Blonde.

Tuesday 25 August 2009


When did you hear anyone ask Wesley Snipes, Frank Bruno or Kofi Annan if their bollox were Black? If they haven’t why haven’t they? If they have did would the questioner end up with eyes the colour of Wesley’s bollox?

As far as I am aware Prince Harry is the only man in the public eye [except Rupert Grint on the Pub Landlord programme] who has been asked this intrusive, abusive and obviously discriminatory question.

In both these cases it was a man asking another man. So what was the point of this discriminatory question? Was it to amaze? Was it to amuse the redhead? [NO]

Was it intended as a compliment? Was it an attempt to pull the redhead by showing an interest in his nether regions? Can the soldier or Al Murray explain their interest in another mans bollox? Why do the majority feel obligated to ask this abusive, intrusive question?

As a female who has been asked the question a lot I don’t know what the point is. I say to myself if this eejit doesn’t know the answer he ain’t got enough worldly knowledge to be much of a shag. If he does know the answer why is he asking the question? Does he really think I will be amused by a discriminatory question that I’ve been asked at least one million times. Can he really be so stupid as to believe he is the first to ask? Am I amazed, amused, turned on, embarrassed or humiliated? My reaction is none of these but that’s where I’m at a loss. What is my reaction supposed to be? I really don’t know I wish someone would explain I feel stupid because I don’t know. I do know it is discrimination. I know natural blondes are occasionally bothered by such a question but there are not the ready and uncomplimentary names that seem to automatically spring to peoples minds as with redheads. If you’re not my doctor and you’re not my lover on a need to know basis why do you need to know? Why do you need to ask? If you don’t know me why do you feel the need to call me contemptuously familiar names?

Thursday 20 August 2009

Pejorative Language Affects Most Redheads?

When watching a ‘Gingerism’ debate I heard males get bullied more than females. In the physical violence sense I don’t dispute that.

As a female I get accosted by the ‘sharp & original wit’ [‘the intrusive/abusive asshole’] who either asks or informs me about what I keep in my knickers.

As we heard at the end of the Prince Harry [raghead] video he was asked about his bollox by another male. Is the question a prelude to an ‘attempted pull’? Is it supposed to be a ‘turn on’, or a compliment? Is it an attempt by the inquisitor to prove his intelligence or to appear to be a comedian? Was it an attempt to humiliate or belittle a member of the Royal Family or another soldier acting in a superior position/rank? Is there any position or rank that generally demands respect within this society that would free a ‘ginger’ person of either sex from this ‘obligatory’ question?

Society calls me ‘ginger’ so when I am walking along and hear a shout of “Oi! You F’n ginger c*nt’ they are in effect talking to me or about me. Most of the ‘ginger’ language is of this nature either prefixed, or suffixed, by one profanity or another. ‘Ginger’ seems like nothing more than a convenient peg on which the majority hang an insult.

Blacks are free to use my colour to attack me but I cannot legally respond in kind. e.g I think Stephen K Amos is a b*stard and I know he’s Black but to put my thoughts and knowledge together in words is illegal yet he can call me a ‘ginger bitch’ or a ‘ginger b*stard” several days of the week and the majority would think him brilliantly funny and he would probably receive the ‘Nobel Comedian of the Year’ award for doing so. Why is that? Does it speak of equality? Anyone, everyone can have a knock at my colour, or me because of my colour so who am I equal to in this society? Why is my colour so disrespected?


I truly believe that Gingerism is no different than racism in that what brings about the majority wrath is the colour we are born.
Many of the majority say that fat people and others get bullied as well, which is true but them bragging about the amount of bullying that goes on in British society is another debate.

I object to being likened to the fat, being ridiculed like the fat

a] Fat is not a minority - obesity is an epidemic

b] Fat is, for the most part, a lifestyle choice something that happens when you do something wrong like eat too many pies.

c] When the 'fat' tire of being ridiculed, loose weight and conform - the majority will hoop and holler and congratulate them. Can Redheads really conform when body hair is the most contentious issue.

The current Gingerism debate on Redheads dying their hair is whether that is conforming, or escaping from majority sniping, bullying - does it depend on how bad it gets - how isolated you are within the majority group?

I dye my hair not because I don't like it but because if I don't, the majority continue to kid themselves they are sharing a joke with me - and that it is OK for them to carry on?

I don't mind at all if you disagree - I like a good debate - maybe some of your thoughts have never occured to me - let me have them. madasahatar

Wednesday 19 August 2009


I find it interesting, not to say fascinating, how when everyone is the same under the skin that REDheads are considered to be so psychologically different.

Their colour and thus their physical image is often maligned, denigrated and ridiculed by the 64 billion majority yet this should not affect them psychologically

REDheads are not psychologically affected as Blacks are affected by having their colour disrespected and brought into disrepute.

REDheads are not psychologically affected as other people are psychologically affected by having their image constantly ridiculed

REDheads are not psychologically affected by the majority focusing solely on the difference between REDheads and the 64 billion majority. Hair colour is all they see ‘ginger’ is all they say when there is so much more to all of us

REDheads are not psychologically affected by strangers dismissing their individual identity and making them part of some ‘ginger collective’

STEREOTYPING is known to have a detrimental psychological effect on the individuals within the stereotyped group except when it comes to REDheads

Who has the answer? Why are REDheads so psychologically different?

Why are REDheads so different under the skin?

Bullied To Dye by Mad As A


In truth I would prefer to break free

To escape the majority tyranny

They say I must wear a LABEL

An ill-fitting uniform

That I must not think freely

That I must bow down

And conform

That I must not say my hair is Red

Or any other fabulous shade

I must ‘admit’ I’m ‘ginger’ and ‘guilty’

But I cannot I’m afraid

I’m told I must join the collective

That individuality is not for me

That the majority want a great big joke

And the great big joke should be me

Well I want to be my own person

And choose the name I am called

But that’s not allowed in this fascist state

Where with laughter contempt they demonstrate

They say they are being friendly

But in truth they are a liar

I’m in war that I cannot win

Held down by ‘friendly fire’

Your label won’t be worn by this minger

I won’t be wrapped around your Oppressive finger

I can no more endure your HA! Ha! Ginger hype

I don’t want to live as a… stereotype

Off the street’s into the asylum and drugged

Yes the fascists have won I’ve been unplugged

I still live at the top of the rainbow… Here inside my head

But for fear of being sectioned I dare not say my hair is RED



The same word you want to use

Me to abuse…You to amuse

When you look at a postcard by the sea

It ain’t got nothing to do with me

That is humour in the abstract

On me it has no real impact

But when you paint me with a word

That as a ‘weapon’ has always been heard

That you still often use as such

There is only one emotion you touch

The word is enveloped in negativity

The sound waves of which are drowning me

You may not mean the contempt I hear

When what you have said reaches my ear

But the context, the tone, is always the same

The word is always used to defame

The visual and verbal don’t make a connection

The word does not translate as affection

Patronising condescension rings loud in my ear

The majority making their superiority eminently clear

It is they who use the word to berate and cut me down

So they must know to use it will only make me frown

It will always be a weapon that the majority use upon me

A big stick to beat me with carved from the ‘ginger’ tree