Thursday 20 August 2009

Pejorative Language Affects Most Redheads?

When watching a ‘Gingerism’ debate I heard males get bullied more than females. In the physical violence sense I don’t dispute that.

As a female I get accosted by the ‘sharp & original wit’ [‘the intrusive/abusive asshole’] who either asks or informs me about what I keep in my knickers.

As we heard at the end of the Prince Harry [raghead] video he was asked about his bollox by another male. Is the question a prelude to an ‘attempted pull’? Is it supposed to be a ‘turn on’, or a compliment? Is it an attempt by the inquisitor to prove his intelligence or to appear to be a comedian? Was it an attempt to humiliate or belittle a member of the Royal Family or another soldier acting in a superior position/rank? Is there any position or rank that generally demands respect within this society that would free a ‘ginger’ person of either sex from this ‘obligatory’ question?

Society calls me ‘ginger’ so when I am walking along and hear a shout of “Oi! You F’n ginger c*nt’ they are in effect talking to me or about me. Most of the ‘ginger’ language is of this nature either prefixed, or suffixed, by one profanity or another. ‘Ginger’ seems like nothing more than a convenient peg on which the majority hang an insult.

Blacks are free to use my colour to attack me but I cannot legally respond in kind. e.g I think Stephen K Amos is a b*stard and I know he’s Black but to put my thoughts and knowledge together in words is illegal yet he can call me a ‘ginger bitch’ or a ‘ginger b*stard” several days of the week and the majority would think him brilliantly funny and he would probably receive the ‘Nobel Comedian of the Year’ award for doing so. Why is that? Does it speak of equality? Anyone, everyone can have a knock at my colour, or me because of my colour so who am I equal to in this society? Why is my colour so disrespected?


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at how bold people are today (notice I don't use the word folks). Young people here in the U.S. are just disgusting, they mouth off with no thought of the consequences, and it's nothing as charming or calculated as your working class chap out pubing around, hollering ginger bitch; I can at least understand his sad lot. No, these turds over here are just spoiled rich kids with no real axe to grind, no class burden to protest, no real pain, just very bad character. And I've never had a black person insult my red hair that I remember. Clearly they get their cues from the television and movies, which is probably the sad fact of life everywhere. If they hear their favorite T.V. personality insult red-heads, they act in kind, or it directs them to unleash greater hostility. But we have gun rights over here, dearie. You wait, some little shit is going to do his, or more commonly her, little brainwashed 'I'm on television, so I can say and do what I want' trip, and then see what happens. Now who's red?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon, It is true that pig ignorance and bad manners are a global phenonenon but should decent, intelligent people shrug their shoulders and allow such ignorance to win out. If so, it makes a good case to allow the Taliban or North Korea to Nuke the human race off the planet. madasa

Anonymous said...

I of course agree with you, Madasa, what a lovely name by the way, but realize that in my part of the world, the vast majority of people (again, not folks - c'mon Obama, you too - stop it) do not now, nor should they ever in the future hope to know the definition of the very word, pejorative. That string of pearls, so lovely with your red hair dear, is cast most ineffectively before these swine. And it pains me, which is how I arrived at your blog in the first place; dubious scientific claims of pain sensitivity hath sent me web surfing, bleary-eyed in the night, investigating, querying.