Wednesday 19 August 2009



The same word you want to use

Me to abuse…You to amuse

When you look at a postcard by the sea

It ain’t got nothing to do with me

That is humour in the abstract

On me it has no real impact

But when you paint me with a word

That as a ‘weapon’ has always been heard

That you still often use as such

There is only one emotion you touch

The word is enveloped in negativity

The sound waves of which are drowning me

You may not mean the contempt I hear

When what you have said reaches my ear

But the context, the tone, is always the same

The word is always used to defame

The visual and verbal don’t make a connection

The word does not translate as affection

Patronising condescension rings loud in my ear

The majority making their superiority eminently clear

It is they who use the word to berate and cut me down

So they must know to use it will only make me frown

It will always be a weapon that the majority use upon me

A big stick to beat me with carved from the ‘ginger’ tree

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