Friday 25 February 2011

Red hair fast becoming the fashion statement of 2011

The Southland Times has an interesting piece taking a look at the rising popularity of red hair among celebrities, models and politicians.
After decades of playground taunts, it seems redheads are finally rising to the fore. Prominent New Zealand redheads include author and broadcaster Peta Mathias, actress Geraldine Brophy, singer-songwriter Eva Prowse, Dominion Post editor Bernadette Courtney, and TV presenter Samantha Hayes and former presenter Maggie Barry.


"Red hair is definitely in fashion right now," says New Zealand hairdresser Richard Kavanagh, who is working at Milan Fashion Week. A fortnight ago Kavanagh was working backstage at New York Fashion Week where redheaded models walked for Marc Jacobs, Diesel, Rag & Bone and Ralph Lauren. Kavanagh also worked on two fashion shoots "featuring gorgeous red-haired models".


"Red hair is such a statement of personality and in today's fashion climate of anything goes, it's one of the few ways to maintain a degree of elegance and sophistication while still showing a lot of personality," Kavanagh says.
Source: The year of the redhead

Friday 18 February 2011

Derogatory phrase 'ginga' used in mainstream press article

The slang phrase 'ginga' has been used in the opening paragraph of an article concerning Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
How many Aussie gingas does it take to make history?
Source: Aussie redheads call shots in NZ House

Friday 11 February 2011

Recognising talent unacceptable when coming from a fellow red head

Recognising talent in another red head is "shameful" according to Belfast Telegraph pundit.
Wee Gordon Strachan continued his audition for the role [of Sky Sports News Presenter] during ITV’s coverage of the Southampton v Man Utd game.

While he may not be sexist, racist, ageist or anything else, he shot himself in the foot with the worst case of pro-gingerism I’ve ever witnessed.

“The best English midfielder since I’ve started watching football,” Strachan said of Paul Scholes, and we nodded knowingly. Shameful.
Source: Billy on the Box: Savage ready to step in for the cavemen