Tuesday 17 March 2009

Ginger Dawn Flash Game

Ginger Dawn Flash GameGinger Dawn is a well polished game hosted by FingerTime. You control a red head, whose purpose is to copulate with as many of the opposite sex as possible in an attempt to spread the recessive ginger gene.

The missions are made difficult by the fact you can't stay out in the sun for too long without applying suncream, or you'll burn up!

Play Ginger Dawn

Thank you to an anonymous Gingerism reader for letting us know about the game.

Update: Gingerism reader Kathryn Allender let us know that Ginger Dawn is now available to play on FaceBook.

Sunday 15 March 2009

Redhedd: A social network for red heads

Redhedd.comRedhedd.com is the largest, most active, & reddest online community devoted to cheerleading a beautiful noble rarified and dying breed.

Red headed or even just bearded? Enemy of the sun? "Freckleface" when you were a wee'n? Spend more on sunscreen than you do on shampoo? Or maybe you're one of the "others" but just can't seem to squelch your undying affection for the copper-topped. Well then join up! Membership is free and the redhead love is overflowing.

There's a great bunch of people over on the world's biggest redhead social network. Make sure you friend us if you join!

Wednesday 11 March 2009

Are you calling me ginger?

Upcoming DJ Tim Cheddar expresses distaste at being called ginger.
You’re a gentleman of reddish tint; do you have Irish blood?
Are you calling me ginger? I prefer strawberry blonde. My real surname is Derry so I could be Irish Cheddar, I suppose. And I like The Pogues. But I don’t go around saying, ‘Top of the morning’ to people, so I can’t be Irish, can I? Eejit!
Source: Timeout Dubai

Ginger and Fat

Stuart Heritage describes the latest American Idol contestants with equal fervour. Including this snippet about contestant number 11:
American Idol Contestant 11 - Michael Sarvner. FACT: Michael Sarvner is both ginger and fat. This means he’ll get the American Idol disabled pity vote even more than the blind bloke.
Source: Heckler Spray

Monday 9 March 2009

Burn victim's freckles disappear after explosion

This isn't gingerism, but it is very interesting. A red haired teenager has lost all of his freckles after suffering serious burns to his face and arms.
If someone told you their face was burned off during a camping trip, you would not expect it to be a tale with a happy ending.

But Aiden Kelly has found a positive in his nightmare experience: his skin has grown back – without the freckles he despised having.

The 15-year-old was turned into a 'human fireball' when an aerosol can exploded in a fire during the trip.

His hair and face were set alight leaving him covered in scabs which doctors feared would never heal.

But after months of treatment his skin has recovered – minus the orange marks. 'I think it's turned out quite well, actually,' Aiden said.
Source: Metro

It’s revenge time for agents orange

Columnist Nathan Bevan takes a comical look at the latest red hair related happenings.
DURACELL! Copper top! Agent Orange! Or my personal favourite: “Did your mum drink from the hot tap while she was pregnant?” – a red-head’s life has traditionally not been a happy one.

They’ve been ridiculed, vilified and, in some parts of the Valleys, suspected of sorcery and burned.

How do I know? Because I live with one of their number and have lost count of the times she’s come home in tears after being barred from the local Dunelm for clashing wildly with the home furnishings.
Source: Wales Online

Gingerism.com interviewed by Kiss Magazine

Kiss, the largest teen magazine in Ireland has taken a look at what gingerism is, how it manifests itself and what to do if you're a victim of it. The article includes some quotes from our very own Keiron Waites (that's me!).

It's really hard to pin down exactly why someone is slagged because of the colour of their hair, just like it's tough to understand why a bully will decide to pick on a particular person.

"Belittling someone because of their appearance or because they're a minority is a cheap but very effective trick and probably gives those people that do it instant gratification and a sense of superiority", says Keiron.
Take a look at Kiss online