Monday 9 March 2009

Burn victim's freckles disappear after explosion

This isn't gingerism, but it is very interesting. A red haired teenager has lost all of his freckles after suffering serious burns to his face and arms.
If someone told you their face was burned off during a camping trip, you would not expect it to be a tale with a happy ending.

But Aiden Kelly has found a positive in his nightmare experience: his skin has grown back – without the freckles he despised having.

The 15-year-old was turned into a 'human fireball' when an aerosol can exploded in a fire during the trip.

His hair and face were set alight leaving him covered in scabs which doctors feared would never heal.

But after months of treatment his skin has recovered – minus the orange marks. 'I think it's turned out quite well, actually,' Aiden said.
Source: Metro

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