Monday 9 March 2009 interviewed by Kiss Magazine

Kiss, the largest teen magazine in Ireland has taken a look at what gingerism is, how it manifests itself and what to do if you're a victim of it. The article includes some quotes from our very own Keiron Waites (that's me!).

It's really hard to pin down exactly why someone is slagged because of the colour of their hair, just like it's tough to understand why a bully will decide to pick on a particular person.

"Belittling someone because of their appearance or because they're a minority is a cheap but very effective trick and probably gives those people that do it instant gratification and a sense of superiority", says Keiron.
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Xinmei said...

I never know that magazine also took part for concerning the gingerism problem taunting the redheads through their life.But, I hope this magazine article can also handle the gingerism problem.

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

Thank you for posting the article. I have red hair and I am currently writing my Master's Thesis (in conflict studies) on the topic of "gingerism" and the evolution of a stereotype. I would love to share my research with you! My email is