Sunday 27 September 2009


Perhaps the anon contributors to comments would like to believe reports such as that below are figments of my paranoia. Dr Michelle Elliott of Kidscape anti bullying charity said in 2007 of the bullying of redheaded kids “beyond bullying is in fact a hate campaign”. The bullying of redheads is funny and despite factual evidence, as shown on this blog, many ego maniacal showbizzy redheads busy spinning on ‘planet celeb’ far from the real world refuse to speak out against this sort of ‘humorous hate campaign’ possibly for fear of losing celebrity status they hegemonically subjugate themselves and determine that all other redheads should do the same. It is also a fact that ‘ginger’ is the verbal weapon used to demean, belittle and degrade redheads. ‘anons’ may like to argue with the facts - but they are facts and ignoring the facts is true insanity.

Bully teacher banned for one year

A primary school teacher who bullied pupils so badly that some showed signs of psychological abuse has been found guilty of professional misconduct. The General Teaching Council for Wales in Cardiff heard Joanna Hyde's teaching style was "dominated by negativity". Ms Hyde, 27, was a Year 5 teacher at the Welsh medium Ysgol y Berllan Deg in Llanedeyrn, Cardiff. She was suspended for one year and must train in positive behaviour management before being allowed to re-register. The panel heard she threw a book at one pupil, and called another a "wimp".

One pupil was so intimidated he asked his mother to dye his red hair brown so he would be less noticeable to Ms Hyde, the hearing was told.

Friday 25 September 2009

Buried Alive - Smothered - Suffocated

I’m very grateful to Keiron for inviting to write for this blog I don’t know whether I’ve convinced anyone that I’m not insane just suffering the stresses and strains of being a joke rather than a human.

Society seems to act on the belief that REDheads have deliberately chosen to be born a bright and noticeable colour as a means of showing off and they must be put in their place and kept in their place.

Geri auditioned for the spice girls and became ‘GINGER’ because she was desperate for fame, fortune and attention.

I hate to be the centre of attention. I am a thinker, I like to observe and to write what I think and feel about what I see. Society states that I have a problem with my colour that I have a problem with self acceptance but that is not the case. I loved my colour but I hated the negative attention it attracts. I should have been born in a free country where I could choose what I am called, or not called. There is nothing about me that deserved the derision meted out to me. It is not me that holds me in low regard. Society doesn’t care that I am naturally a quiet, unassuming person they only see something that they feel entitled to mock. I can see that the colour is not mocked, that the people wearing it are not ridiculed if the colour they are wearing is man made and bears more attractive, desirable names.

The choice of words and language is of great importance in marketing and PR. I was well aware of the complete negativity of the word ‘ginger’ and the tone and context in which it is used long before Saatchi & Saatchi admitted it in BBC3s ‘F*ck Off I’m Ginger’. Some deadhead REDheads thought my speaking on the subject was slagging their colour when it is the ‘word’ I hate.

I feel I have been smeared with ‘ginger’, smothered in ‘ginger’, suffocated by ‘ginger’. I have been judged as ‘ginger’, ridiculed as ‘ginger’, dismissed as ‘ginger’, stereotyped as ‘ginger’.

I’m writing this now, as possibly my last piece as the stresses and strains of being the big, stupid joke have also taken their toll on my physical as well as my mental health. I’ve spent my life as an invisible human, the majority make no contact with me, they laugh right through me and they laugh so loud they never heard my mind, my heart and now my body breaking.

Wednesday 23 September 2009


Poirot, Sherlock, Miss Marple. You’d have to be a lot better than them to detect the slightest hint of attraction, desire or passion in the inane, vacuous ‘ginger’ giggle in the ‘dating in the dark’ video. The ‘giggle’ is a complete and total piss take - there is nothing else.

While mousey mingers were getting compliments I was kept busy washing urine off my shoes as men’s reaction was to piss themselves while laughing in my face at their own joke.

They call me a ‘whinger’ like they did Dave Kitson, they can’t tell the difference between me and Dave, or any other natural REDhead male, or female we’re all just ‘ginger’ this, ‘ginger’ that, ‘ginger’ something or other.

In the UK there are White people, Black people and ‘Ginger’ people. We are often described as if we are a separate people, a separate race. The BBC video on this blog has someone saying “I like ‘ginger’ people”

A} As if we are a separate people

B} As if we have no individuality

C} As if we are all the same

The “Oi ‘ginger’ your c*nts a joke!” routine wasn’t funny to me the first time I heard it and 50billion times later? Ok so they may not be the exact words but that is what they’re saying, what their laughter says. Jack Dee, Jo Brand, Al Murray they all get paid to make people laugh but I’m expected to be an unpaid joke 24/7. It matters not whether I’m male/female, tall/short, fat, or thin they don’t see any of that, they don’t see me – I am ignored, they only see something ‘ginger’ one of those little joke things to call names and laugh at.

The biggest irony is that colour only looks laughable on the likes of Nicola Roberts and I. It takes on a different perspective when worn by Anita Dobson, Kim Thomson & Cynthia Nixon and they are not weighed down by years of ‘piss take’. A piss take that lasts from the schoolyard to the graveyard. Perhaps they walk with the dye packaging so they can prove they are ‘copper cutie’, ‘cherry charmer’ or ‘strawberry stunner’ whereas I am only allowed to be ‘ginger’. There are no nice, attractive, sexy or desirable ways in which I am allowed to describe my hair the dictatorship states that any pleasing description is a euphemism. I’m still bewildered by the need to bring someone’s hair colour into every conversation as though it is relevant. The stereotypical joke was around before we were born and the expectation is that we must all conform to fit in with the majority view of what we are. Being pre judged, dismissed as a joke, absorbing the unremitting negativity, the profanity, the almost daily insults that we are told are jokes has done nothing for me I got nothing out of it but insanity. They never ask how I feel about being a joke. My feelings, my character, my personality are invisible to them all they see, is the hair, is their joke.

Thursday 17 September 2009

Tuesday 15 September 2009


When it is suggested that ‘gingerism’ is the same as ‘racism’ the idea is met with loud guffaws – which is one of the problems i.e that ‘Ginger hair is viewed as a complete and total joke – like the people who are born with it and that ‘ginger’ people can be treated as ‘amusing little things’ for the majority to rag-on at all times.

The REDheads claim for parity with the massive Black minority is viewed as political correctness gone mad because society does not view us as equal.

It is acceptable, obligatory even to call REDheads ‘ginger b*stards’ yet totally unacceptable to call a Black person a ‘Black b*stard’. To call a Black person ‘blackie’ or make any reference to their colour in a nickname would be ‘racist’[nobody tells Black people “if you were proud of/ comfortable with, your colour you wouldn’t mind being call Blackie].

It appears necessary, even obligatory, to call a REDhead ‘ginger’ and ‘ginger’ must always play a large part in every nickname.

REDheads should be recognised as diverse and individualistic as any Black person as any other person whatever their colour of birth.

It is only ‘racists’ who feel the need to keep raising the issue of someone being Black - other people just accept them as individuals. It is only ‘racists’ for whom a persons ‘Blackness’ is an issue that must be raised, equally it is only those who feel uncomfortable with REDheads who must mention their ‘gingerness’. It is only those who find ‘Blackness or Gingerness’ somewhat less than acceptable who need to constantly raise the subject of colour.

Anyone with half a brain cell knows that REDheads wear matching head and body hair – SHOCK, HORROR [just like normal people] how FREAKY, how FUNNY they feel it necessary to say with what they consider, sharp - but is NEVER, ORIGINAL wit.

It’s possible that MOUSEY MINGERS find the ‘Get your kit off let me laugh at your body’ sexual advance a turn on but it doesn’t work for me. Lets remember that ‘ginger’ is just an accompaniment to ‘tosser’ w*nker’ ‘b*stard and thus cannot be considered in any way complimentary, amusing, or a turn on.

REDheads should not be dismissed as just a hair colour just as it is not acceptable to dismiss Black people as just a skin colour.

The colour of a person’s birth does not define who they are as individuals. The colour of a persons birth, whatever that colour is, should not limit and restrict them, should not be the sole focus of attention, should not condemn them to a lifetime of hate and/or ridicule and contempt

Saturday 12 September 2009


How would it be if I approached every brunette, every day with “Hi Browny, your hair’s exactly the shade of a load I dumped in the pan this morning” Would they appreciate the humour. Somehow I doubt it. I think they’d soon get fed up with being ‘shitheads’ it would soon start to wear them down.

All Brunettes are not considered to be the same, are not expected to think the same way, feel the same way or react the same way, yet society expects that all REDheads should react favourably when they are all expected to enjoy being the big joke.

Similarly if the nickname for blondes was not ‘Blonde Bombshell’ but was Turnip Top aka vegetable head’ how many Mouser Mingers would make a beeline for the bleach?

Jokes against all other minorities are banned because there is a recognition of the destructive power of humour.

We all know what being the ass-end of a joke does for the ‘fat b*stard’, the bird with the big nose, the bint with the flat chest, or sagging breasts, or the lard ass.

Why are REDheads deemed so psychologically different from all other people that mockery and ridicule and ‘name calling’ will not adversely affect them?

Why is it presumed that having our ‘image’ turned into a big joke will not affect us as all other people are affected? That having our colour maligned, degraded and ridiculed will not affect us in the same way as Black people feel, when their colour is bought into disrepute?

There is no empathy. They do not ask “How would I feel always being the joke for a bunch of strangers to laugh at”

Personally I believe great sex starts in the mind and I’m surrounded by morons for can’t think beyond the size, or colour of body parts, frankly I find it pathetic.

I question all this with the full and certain knowledge that nothing will change because the same ‘Bland B*llocked, Mousey Mingers who bullied me at school are the same, now adult, psychologists, policy makers, psychiatrists and politicians who can’t see that there is a problem, as their right to ‘ginger nut, ginger tosser, F*cking ginger c*nt’ all REDheads ‘for a laugh’ is so deeply ingrained and entrenched their eyes and their minds are closed to any detrimental emotional, or mental health issues they cause.. That REDheads are a stereotypical joke has a beneficial effect on general society because they always have something to laugh at but being the stereotype, being the joke, has a seriously damaging effect on the individual. For any of you have read my cathartic, therapeutic ramblings and have realised that I am a certified loony, who’s thoughts and feelings are completely wrong, that I lack insight and capacity and should keep taking the mind-bending drugs supplied on prescription. They say I am obsessed which ,in effect, is true but it is societies obsession with calling me ‘ginger’ ginger’ ‘ginger F*cking ‘ginger’ names, that obsesses me. It ain’t my name, why do they keep doing it. Why? Why? Why? The question echoes into infinity………… and never any answers. Why? Psychiatrists tell me what I think and feel is wrong but nobody tells me why? Can You?

Wednesday 2 September 2009


I love, am proud of, my son, my sister, my best mate. No one can bad mouth them or slag them off without getting an argument from me. If you’ve worked hard to get a home you are proud of you don’t allow anyone to trash it. If someone trashed it and told you it was ‘a joke’ how funny would you find it? Some REDheads pay lip service to being proud of their colour yet stand silent while the bland bollocked, mousey minged majority denigrate and disrespect it in a way Black people won’t tolerate if their colour is bought into disrepute. I don’t believe such silence demonstrates pride in their colour but a complete lack of bollox, ginger or otherwise, to stand up to bland bollox and his mousey minged mate. I believe these REDheads have been brainwashed to the point where they believe the majority do have the right to patronise them and their colour. They meekly accept the negativity and profanity that surrounds the word ginger “You f’n ginger tosser”, “You stupid ginger b*stard”, “You crazy ginger bitch”, “You f*cking ginger wanker”. The recent article ‘Ginger Phobia’ in a government publication acknowledged that general society does have a problem accepting REDheads without smearing them with the ‘G’ word as it was described in the article. Unfortunately while the government acknowledges this discrimination faced by REDheads it is singularly unwilling to act to stamp it out as that is how the majority of society gets its kicks [not literally as in the 2008 Vancouver ‘kick a ginger’ day] and would prove too unpopular a move as the denouncement of NATURAL RED hair is a deeply ingrained and embedded British past time. We had used to be charmed by their ‘carrot topped-veggie head’ comments along with various equally dismissive ‘name calling’. Why do I object to anyone telling me I must admit I’m only ginger. Is it because the word is surrounded by negativity and profanity and is generally accepted only to be funny, silly, laughable. I don’t mind straight talking. If I act like a c*nt call me a c*nt but don’t call me a c*nt, or take me for a c*nt just because of the colour I was born. Is it possible that just one word i.e. ‘ginger’ can oppress and depress? There is a precedent. Ask any Black over 50 if the ‘N’ word had the power to oppress, demoralise and dehumanise, if one word could speak volumes about how the majority viewed them