Tuesday 15 September 2009


When it is suggested that ‘gingerism’ is the same as ‘racism’ the idea is met with loud guffaws – which is one of the problems i.e that ‘Ginger hair is viewed as a complete and total joke – like the people who are born with it and that ‘ginger’ people can be treated as ‘amusing little things’ for the majority to rag-on at all times.

The REDheads claim for parity with the massive Black minority is viewed as political correctness gone mad because society does not view us as equal.

It is acceptable, obligatory even to call REDheads ‘ginger b*stards’ yet totally unacceptable to call a Black person a ‘Black b*stard’. To call a Black person ‘blackie’ or make any reference to their colour in a nickname would be ‘racist’[nobody tells Black people “if you were proud of/ comfortable with, your colour you wouldn’t mind being call Blackie].

It appears necessary, even obligatory, to call a REDhead ‘ginger’ and ‘ginger’ must always play a large part in every nickname.

REDheads should be recognised as diverse and individualistic as any Black person as any other person whatever their colour of birth.

It is only ‘racists’ who feel the need to keep raising the issue of someone being Black - other people just accept them as individuals. It is only ‘racists’ for whom a persons ‘Blackness’ is an issue that must be raised, equally it is only those who feel uncomfortable with REDheads who must mention their ‘gingerness’. It is only those who find ‘Blackness or Gingerness’ somewhat less than acceptable who need to constantly raise the subject of colour.

Anyone with half a brain cell knows that REDheads wear matching head and body hair – SHOCK, HORROR [just like normal people] how FREAKY, how FUNNY they feel it necessary to say with what they consider, sharp - but is NEVER, ORIGINAL wit.

It’s possible that MOUSEY MINGERS find the ‘Get your kit off let me laugh at your body’ sexual advance a turn on but it doesn’t work for me. Lets remember that ‘ginger’ is just an accompaniment to ‘tosser’ w*nker’ ‘b*stard and thus cannot be considered in any way complimentary, amusing, or a turn on.

REDheads should not be dismissed as just a hair colour just as it is not acceptable to dismiss Black people as just a skin colour.

The colour of a person’s birth does not define who they are as individuals. The colour of a persons birth, whatever that colour is, should not limit and restrict them, should not be the sole focus of attention, should not condemn them to a lifetime of hate and/or ridicule and contempt


Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch todays edition of loose women where another ginger joke was had by all without a ginger in site

Anonymous said...

The Blands sharing a joke with us again eh! I'm coming to realise that they only add 'ginger' to minger & whinger to ensure that any mingers or whingers of a Black persuasion present dont mistakenly believe there is any - racism, prdjudice and discrimination - occuring against their massive minority group

Anonymous said...

I'm really missing out, as the videos aren't available in "your country" due to copyright infringement.

"‘Ginger hair is viewed as a complete and total joke – like the people who are born with it and that ‘ginger’ people can be treated as ‘amusing little things’ for the majority to rag-on at all times."

True, but let me tell you a story. When I was a kid they used to tell pollack jokes here in America, and before you start let me add I've seen enough crap television from the U.K. to know damn well how the lords of the brainwasher box over there feel about Polish people, lying hypocrites all, but it got pretty bad here, and I learned then that man is really just a lying, foul beast who does and says as he pleases, and is wont to destroy and ruin everything in his sight for no good reason. So I, being of that particular persuasion on dad's side, mom gave me the red hair, decided to lodge a protest of a kind, in the only way that I could, being that I was only 10 years old, or so: I started telling people that I hated Jews. I know, bad move, and it wasn't even true, don't hate anybody, but I quickly got a reputation for being a red-headed Jew hating bastard, and this touched off quite a firestorm of controversy in my horrid little town, and people were very, very angry at me, for a long time, and still are. Yes, all hell broke loose, but the point of it was that I HAD TO DO SOMETHING! This little stunt of mine caused me a lot of agony, but what was I to do otherwise? That is a very good question.

Anonymous said...

There has always been a propaganda drive to sell the american dream to people in other countries, you know, lure poor sods over here to work in the factories and sweatshops. For a time no irish needed apply, but everyone's welcome now. And if you're English, well then, welcome to Hollywood, mate - Bob's your uncle. But the old girl is starting to show her age now, and parts of this country are really turning to crap. Parts of Arizona have turned utterly lawless, it's the wild west again, only with drugs and gang murders and kidnappings. Dreadful. No one cares about your feelings in Arizona.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to view that video, Madasa, but it's not available to us here in the U.S. Perhaps I get the picture, anyway? This apparently well constructed red head chap (leather pants? How delicious!) makes an entrance. Titters ensue? Is that it? Oh, thank you 20th century feminism, you've done so right by outfitting all the world's women with such a dazzling array of weaponry, we men are now just hopeless against your bellicose verbosity. Girls, you'll spend your old age giving thanks that you were told exactly what to say, and when to say it. Bravo.