Wednesday 30 December 2009

Individualism over Gingerism

The constituent parts of 'racist' bullying as described on 'kidscape' carries all the constituent parts of 'gingerism' thats why I ask 'what is the difference' and believe there isn't any difference. Nate argues semantics and has a fear of offending someone.
I'm not decrying the terrible history of 'racism' or that it still continues today but today you couldn't have a 'Santa love kids, even Black kids' xmas card or any other type of 'Black' joke. You will never be able to legislate ignorance & stupidity out of the human race but to keep arguing that ridicule & 'name calling', social isolation & social exclusion affect a Black individual more than a Redheaded individual is to say that Black people are not the same as the rest of us.

That is not my view but most of you seem to have that belief even Black people themselves. I think Black people are just like me and are affected just like me when their colour is derided that they bleed just like I would bleed if stabbed. That to be seen, to be recognised as something more than just the colour you were born is important to an individual.

Racists see only colour - they do not see or recognise a human individual.
Gingerists see only colour - its all they - its all they say - they don't see an individual human.
Anyway I won't be blogging no more though I'll continue to follow - keep abreast. Madasa

Tuesday 29 December 2009

gingerism - death - how many deaths will it take?

Ginger - I believe the evil lies within the word itself and I don't understand why some deadhead Redheads can't see that. Hegemonic redheads like Catherine Tate & Charles Kennedy who rely on the support of the majority for votes & televisual appearances scoff at the deaths of kids like Kelsey 13 & Adam 15 and I know there have been other 'ginger' suicides. Nate was suggesting we don't concentrate on 'gingerism' so much but then who will try to prevent further deaths if not us ordinary non-celebrity redheads. Cat & Chas can sue if they like I don't care as I'm an insane, penniless ginger 'nutcase' recluse that Cat parodied in her 'gingers for justice' skit [an insane ego trip?]. She, like the majority, thinks bullying gingers is a joke and she needs them. It would seem the 'tesco Xmas card 'joke' was right. Santa loves dead ginger kids or Ginger kids dead HO! HO! HO! How hilarious - what a riot. Dogg says he's trying to reclaim 'ginger' but it ain't been lost Redheads are being smothered and suffocated in it, stereotyped with it, judged on it, killed by it and the Bigoted Broadcasting Companies keep on broadcasting their prejudicial views to incite the contempt of the masses for 'natural' redheads.


A schoolboy bullied for having ginger hair hanged himself the day after health professionals ruled he was not a suicide risk.

Published: 12:03PM BST 12 May 2009

Adam Bailey was found hanged at his home last October after a row Photo: MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS
Adam Bailey, 15, was found dead at his home in Urmston following a row, an inquest in Stockport heard.

Girl, 13, hanged herself after being taunted over her ginger hair
By Daily Mail ReporterLast updated at 12:08 PM on 21st May 2008
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Inquest: Kelsey Winter was found hanging in her bedroom by her stepfather
A promising gymnast was found hanging in her bedroom after playground bullies subjected her to a flood of name calling, including "ginger", "freckle face" and "pig nose".
The inquest into the death of Kelsey Jade Winter, 13, heard she coloured her hair and wore heavy foundation to try and hide her natural ginger hair and freckles.Read more:

Wednesday 23 December 2009

2010 Another year, Another Decade of Racist Bigotry

Well, surprisingly as someone obsessed by the majority obsession with how awful ginger hair is and the incessant negative media led attention especially by the British Bigoted Broadcasting companies that I missed these latest derogatory jibes. Possibly because I have been laughed off/driven off the streets of my country and my countrymen still think it is a joke. Yes my countrymen[especially other women] are having a big laugh but it is not a joke they are sharing with me but with my sexual rivals & competitors who like to calll redheaded women sexually demeaning and degrading names. It is a fact that their obsession about bringing hair colour into every conversation had with or about redheads is some form of their mental illness yet I am the one certified and drugged by them. Their right to demonstrate their prejudice is deeply entrenched & ingrained and the bullying and bigotry is adult led - you cannot blame children for this one. Yes there are worse things going on in the world that politicians are not solving and the current crew seems incapable of solving yet this 'racism' could easily be solved by including redheads in colour, race, creed legislation without any great difficulty. The majority 'pooh pooh' the idea that it is equal to racism by saying we redheads are not a 'race' yet the always describe us as 'separate' as a 'ginger people' stereotyping us as 'a people' that are all the same, that are all ugly, silly looking people. I don't care if the majority don't like me. I don't care if the majority think I'm ugly. I just don't see why they confer on themselves the right to keep telling me so. Really they should have better manners and more respect for difference, for diversity.

Thankyou ASA... Branson or Virgin Media?

Branson is a redhead, and redheads should be the only peoples able to take the 'Mick' out of one another and it remain politically correct, Right?

Wrong. Branson's company 'Virgin' is huge and is not associated with redhair at all. For a mainstream media company like Virgin Media to release an ad like this was bound to cause a stir. The advertisement in question "How do you spot a ginger in the dark?" is a likely publicity stunt in bad taste by a mainstream media company unassociated with red hair.

Richard Branson is a redhead and his success as is the success of many redheads is a testament to the idea that there is likely to be no 'glass ceiling' for a redhead. Redheads are in general and world wide an economically privileged minority but this doesn't mean we are free from or should be open to being freely discriminated against or subjected to wrongful prejudice.

This idea of a lack of a 'glass ceiling' for redheads does add to the view that its fine to make prejudicial comments and discriminate against redheads. This abhorred view and perception is legitimised and reinforced by various forms of media like the advert released by 'Virgin Media'. The advert has offended everyday redhead's, complaints were made and acted upon. Rightfully so. Not all redheads are wealthy media giants (from humble beginnings or not), English Princes or looking to find any kind of ceiling. Legal cases fighting against assaults targeting redheads and employment discrimination of redheads are a reality. These types of discrimination are more likely to become frequent if adverts like this are not stopped by responsible organisations like the 'Advertising Standards Authority'.

According to the reports it is the FIRST TIME in 47 years the ASA have stepped up for the redhead minority. Thank you ASA.

Virgin commented that the show 'Dating In The Dark' is meant to challenge "...people's perceptions of attractiveness". I look forward to seeing the show if that's the case... publicity stunt or no publicity stunt?

Below are some news reports found on the Virgin Media advert banned by the ASA:,22638,26494363-5006347,00.html

I have to note that this blogg '' does support an animated character (only associated with red hair) named 'Dogg' who is 'all' in bad taste (in my opinion). Dogg claims to send the message that "discrimination is wrong".

I feel I have to make a comment not for Dogg, but in defense of Dogg is in the world of new media... Dogg, is hopefully asking some questions about what he himself is writing instead of asking questions of mainstream media companies like 'Virgin' who should be held accountable for this kind of thing in the world of licensed and regulated media such as the big bucks mainstream broadcast media. That said... Be responsible Dogg.

We (redheads) need the support of organisations like the ASA. Thanks again.

Wednesday 16 December 2009

Anti-redhead Xmas Card

I dont shop at Tescos anyway, because I live in Australia.

Caught this article on my google travels.

Check it out.

This second site shows a picture of the card.

Redhead Women Are Hot, The Guys Are Not!

Looking to explore why it is 'commonly seen' that redhead women are hot and the guys are not?

I am looking for READERS HELP to compile as much 'redhead lovin or fugly articles' as you can. By 'Redhead lovin or fugly articles' I mean like the one below of the “15 hottest redhead in wags history”... that's right in all of history!!!...

… or anything that promotes a redhead male or female as good looking or ugly.

My theory is that this stereotype of redheaded men being unattractive is partly based on the under representation versus the over representation of Hollywood (think Nicole) and other mainstream celeb bombshells as over exposed as 'Redheaded' bombshells.

Please HELP.

- To add help just hit the comment link below and paste your copied link of said article as the comment, it can be completely anonymous.

- To find this article again in the future look for the heading 'Woman Hot-Guys Not" in the heading column at right hand side of the webpage.

Redhead Extinction? MAINSTREAM Commercial Television pushes the usual stereotypes.

This is a perfect example of how mainstream commercial television services are willing to trade truth and reliability for stereotypes and simplicity.

The first link below takes you to a report dated 22nd of May 2009 by an Australian celebrity swimmer personality who reports the extinction of redheads and even adding another joke-y stereotype about redhead women being more sexually active.

The second link is dated 25th of November 2008 reported long before the first link and should have been read by anyone doing a report on redheads who bothered to google “Redhead News Reports”. The report is written by a leading Australian celebrity scientist and radio personality of the ABC, a non-commercial news broadcaster in Australia. The report dispels the claims made by the first link and comments on how these stereotypes come about.

Good onya Doctor Karl!

Monday 7 December 2009

Meet Dogg

Hey gingers,

Im Dogg... animated, sophisticated, contemptuous and oh so cute! I'm here to reclaim the word 'ginger'... and a load of others.

Dogg Out My G's

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Redhead Employment Discrimination (Continued)... LEGAL RIGHTS!

I have only checked with two law firms and both the two no win, no fee law firms, one of which is an employment discrimination specialists are encouraging me to make a 'Discrimination Claim'. I have thought about this and thought about this.

Since starting the article 'Redhead Employment Discrimination' I have been told by my parents that I am 'exposing myself', by an ex-girlfriend that 'I'll be hurting my teaching career', by a brother that Im 'just a PC thug'. Up until now I have had the relative safety of an alias name 'Nate', but to make a complaint... all this has potentially harmful consequences for all concerned.

I have thought...

...about the assistant principals concerned.

...what my original intentions of the article were. Simply writing out the redhead discrimination on a website dedicated to just that.

...what my intentions are in being apart of the site, which I have written out but will blogg about shortly.

...will I be branded a trouble maker by the department and the teachers in my state (the education department is a small community).

… about how I have felt genuinely discriminated against and would like to see it through, but would it be worth it? there enough redhead discrimination out there, that I would be supported.

…I don't know the legal process and whether I would be forced to 'Name and Shame'


Any comments or advice would be appreciated...

... Please read the 'Redhead Employment Discrimination' article and its follow ups and respective comments. CLICK ON... the 'Redhead Employment Discrimination' link found on the right hand side of the site OR CLICK ON... the label below marked 'Redhead Employment Discrimination'

Should I go the legal route?