Wednesday 23 December 2009

Thankyou ASA... Branson or Virgin Media?

Branson is a redhead, and redheads should be the only peoples able to take the 'Mick' out of one another and it remain politically correct, Right?

Wrong. Branson's company 'Virgin' is huge and is not associated with redhair at all. For a mainstream media company like Virgin Media to release an ad like this was bound to cause a stir. The advertisement in question "How do you spot a ginger in the dark?" is a likely publicity stunt in bad taste by a mainstream media company unassociated with red hair.

Richard Branson is a redhead and his success as is the success of many redheads is a testament to the idea that there is likely to be no 'glass ceiling' for a redhead. Redheads are in general and world wide an economically privileged minority but this doesn't mean we are free from or should be open to being freely discriminated against or subjected to wrongful prejudice.

This idea of a lack of a 'glass ceiling' for redheads does add to the view that its fine to make prejudicial comments and discriminate against redheads. This abhorred view and perception is legitimised and reinforced by various forms of media like the advert released by 'Virgin Media'. The advert has offended everyday redhead's, complaints were made and acted upon. Rightfully so. Not all redheads are wealthy media giants (from humble beginnings or not), English Princes or looking to find any kind of ceiling. Legal cases fighting against assaults targeting redheads and employment discrimination of redheads are a reality. These types of discrimination are more likely to become frequent if adverts like this are not stopped by responsible organisations like the 'Advertising Standards Authority'.

According to the reports it is the FIRST TIME in 47 years the ASA have stepped up for the redhead minority. Thank you ASA.

Virgin commented that the show 'Dating In The Dark' is meant to challenge "...people's perceptions of attractiveness". I look forward to seeing the show if that's the case... publicity stunt or no publicity stunt?

Below are some news reports found on the Virgin Media advert banned by the ASA:,22638,26494363-5006347,00.html

I have to note that this blogg '' does support an animated character (only associated with red hair) named 'Dogg' who is 'all' in bad taste (in my opinion). Dogg claims to send the message that "discrimination is wrong".

I feel I have to make a comment not for Dogg, but in defense of Dogg is in the world of new media... Dogg, is hopefully asking some questions about what he himself is writing instead of asking questions of mainstream media companies like 'Virgin' who should be held accountable for this kind of thing in the world of licensed and regulated media such as the big bucks mainstream broadcast media. That said... Be responsible Dogg.

We (redheads) need the support of organisations like the ASA. Thanks again.


ALawman said...

you need to come to the u.s. us 'gingers' are revered here - it's so hard to believe this insanely ludicrous form of prejudice even exists in the world today. i can assure you, as a fellow redhead, it's ALL about jealousy.. nothing more. that certainly doesn't make active discrimination easier to endure, but it should NEVER ever play a role in your own self-worth or esteem. REDHEADS RULE!;)

Anonymous said...

The problem in the UK is the pig ignorant aren't aware of how ignorant they are. In the UK all minorities are protected EXCEPT the indigineous, the smallest, a fine example of British fair play, NOT. Its my personal opinion that I'm worth more than mixing with the pig ignorant. There is nothing in it for me.

Anonymous said...

Indigenous Redheads of the UK?

Which set of originally Germanic people ('the smallest') are you referring to in the UK?...

The Anglo-Saxon or Norman?

Please enlighten us oh 'Anonymous No.1', whom is not so ignorant.

Nate said...


I can't believe 'this insanely ludicrous form of prejudice exists' either... 'I can assure you its' not 'jealousy'... its more.

I am a school teacher with a specialisation in New Media. New Media is well know world wide in schools for cyberbullying.

Redheads are bullied in schools almost world wide. Redheads in the UK and Australia continue to be bullied for being redheads well after their school years.

This site works against that bullying and uses new media to maintain that fight.

Your absolutely right... 'it should NEVER ever play a role in your own self-worth or esteem'...

BUT as a school teacher I have seen in nearly every school I have worked in that redheads are being ostracised, the girls especially are dying their hair, 'sick of being called ranga'... Redhead prejudice at its very least undoubtedly plays a key role in so many redhead teenagers 'self-worth and esteem' and impacts their lives at school and continues to affect their lives afterward.


Please keep following the blogg, and your comments are really appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I think it's important that you keep this publicised for as long as possible so that Redheads can at least explain to Virgin Media why they're moving to another service provider.

Surver said...

It's very difficult to say whether Redheads are especially indigenous to the UK compared to the Blondes and Brunettes. Genetic studies carried out by Professor Jonathan Rees, a dermatologist based at Edinburgh University, have shown that the highest concentration of people carrying the Redhead gene are found in Ireland - 30%, Scotland, Cornwall 25%, Wales 21%. So I would suggest that the White-Blondes, White-Brunettes and White-Redheads are all significantly indigenous to the UK compared to dark skinned Black people.

Should the Brunettes, Blondes and Redheads racialise themselves as distinctive White groups the same way Black groups from Africa, China, Middle-East, South America are able to as distinctive Black groups?

I would suggest yes because these 3 White groups need to benefit equally from race laws the same way Black groups have.

Hair colour is a part of one's racial identity because it's influenced by the same protein that influences skin colour, melanin, which comes in two forms, eumelanin and pheomelanin, that is found in both hair and skin. Hair is also modified skin.

Nate said...


I think its important that you understand that not all of us at are attempting to 'racialise'as you put it.

I personally and have made it clear in the comments of other articles...

Please read '2010 Another year, Another Decade of Racist Bigotry' comments pages.

I had a fair sized rant about gingerism NOT being racism. I would really enjoy reading your response to my comments made on this article.

I agree redheads are not a race and nor should they class gingerism as race.

I hope you respond... I'll keep a look out for your response.


Nate said...


I'm not with virgin.

Good on you, if you have made the switch.