Wednesday 16 December 2009

Anti-redhead Xmas Card

I dont shop at Tescos anyway, because I live in Australia.

Caught this article on my google travels.

Check it out.

This second site shows a picture of the card.


Dogg said...

You "...dont shop at Tescos anyway" what are you insinuating that we should boycott Tesco's or something.

Are you saying that the store should be re-slogan-ed "Tescos: Your Local Ginger Grinch Store"... they gave an apology its not like they ruined Christmas.

While your at it should we boycott the fruit and veg suppliers I see that Google ads keep popping up on the website, the company state they are 'suppliers of ginger'... they are clearly encouraging a redhead slave trade.

Dogg out G's

P.S. Anyone know who the card manufacturers are

Anonymous said...

Dogg would be better off out dogging than blogging on this site. He seems a total convert to the majority view. He is obvioulsy oblivious to the subtle insidious nature of the discrimination. surprised how brightly his dim-wittedness shines. As a female I don't find that I am reputed to be 'hot'. It is the majority view that they ar sharing a joke with me that does my head in. Strangers laughing in my face when they meet me is most unpleasant, for me.