Tuesday 29 December 2009

gingerism - death - how many deaths will it take?

Ginger - I believe the evil lies within the word itself and I don't understand why some deadhead Redheads can't see that. Hegemonic redheads like Catherine Tate & Charles Kennedy who rely on the support of the majority for votes & televisual appearances scoff at the deaths of kids like Kelsey 13 & Adam 15 and I know there have been other 'ginger' suicides. Nate was suggesting we don't concentrate on 'gingerism' so much but then who will try to prevent further deaths if not us ordinary non-celebrity redheads. Cat & Chas can sue if they like I don't care as I'm an insane, penniless ginger 'nutcase' recluse that Cat parodied in her 'gingers for justice' skit [an insane ego trip?]. She, like the majority, thinks bullying gingers is a joke and she needs them. It would seem the 'tesco Xmas card 'joke' was right. Santa loves dead ginger kids or Ginger kids dead HO! HO! HO! How hilarious - what a riot. Dogg says he's trying to reclaim 'ginger' but it ain't been lost Redheads are being smothered and suffocated in it, stereotyped with it, judged on it, killed by it and the Bigoted Broadcasting Companies keep on broadcasting their prejudicial views to incite the contempt of the masses for 'natural' redheads.

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