Thursday 17 September 2009

What A TURN OFF - patronising giggling is


cotton said...

Sorry, I can't comment on your video as it says there's a copyright restriction.

I just watched Media Watch ranting about a Malaysian bloke being racistly called a monkey. Yet the ABC promotes Chris Lilley. My response here:

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Thats another funny thing that natural REDheads can be likened to OrangUtangs and called 'ranga'. Yet there is general uproar if any other minority is belittled by such ape/monkey type descriptives especially those of a darker complexion. I wonder why standing up for/defending the rights of darker skinned people earns more respect and Kudos [like adopting darker skinned kids seems to]. Every insult with regard to our colour is deemed a joke that we should laugh off while much larger 'minorities' are defended and protected by law. As we are only approx 1% of the global population we don't have the political power or the power of numbers to do anything about the pejorative view the majority express about REDheads. Sometimes I wonder what the word MINORITY means