Thursday 19 February 2009

Red head stereotypes enhance advertising

Australian advertising agencies are apparently taking advantage of the stereotypes associated with red heads and using ginger children in marketing campaigns.

Mostly Kids Model Agency and Academy owner Liz Philippou said consumers were led to believe redheads depict "certain individuality, fiery temper traits, sharp tongues, determination and mischievousness".

"When an advertising campaign features a redheaded child, it sends a message of that same determination," she said.

"(It) catches the eye and holds you, pondering the possibility of the redhead being an absolute little devil, and then considering the product they're associated with."

Advertisers cash in on redhead appeal


Anonymous said...

I am not too certain how to take this site. I am 29 and am a redhead residing in Canada. My ancestors are all of Scottish decent. There are many redheads in my family. I have never ever once felt bullied or spoken of in a negative way- EVER! The only feedbacks I have had about being a TRUE redhead, with pale skin, freckles - doesn't tan etc etc etc, were that I was lucky, that people admired it. There have been women that will stop me on the streets to say how they love the unique color and that they've tried "red from a bottle" but how it just doesn't look the same. There is a skin tone difference that sets the look apart, when you can tell what is natural and what isn't. Yes, I have been labelled to have a feiry attitude and being stubborn and that the consensus is because of the redhair and Scottish roots... well... I'll be the first one to agree with that!
Now, with this being said, I have seen these articles on this blog as well as the sad things the children are going through with "Kick a Ginger day" and in no way mean to undermine nor ignore those horrible facts. I am just making aware of my experiences or "lack thereof".
Sometimes when we focus so much attention on one thing, we actually make it worse than it is or something into something that it is not. Pardon the cliche.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 26 year old Latin American woman with natural black hair. I must be the only person on the planet who doesn't see ginger people as hot-tempered, stubborn, promiscuous, or whatever the stereotypes may be about them. In fact, all the gingers I've known (including my late husband, who I was married to for 6 years) were really humble due to years of abuse and teasing in school.