Sunday 15 February 2009

Root Ginger Exhibition receives wide coverage

The Root Ginger Exhibition, due to open Tuesday 17th February has received wide coverage by the British press this week. The BBC hosted a discussion of gingerism with psychologist Anjula Mutanda and Root Ginger model and poet Richard Tyrone Jones. Most poignant in the discussion is Anjula Mutanda's strongly emphasized opinion of the existence of gingerism.
The fact is, if it hurts somebody's feelings and it's discriminating against them, making them feel bad about themselves, then it has to stop and not be seen as innocuous.
Secondly, the Daily Mail have covered the event, with many photographic examples from the exhibition and quotes from the models, including the following:
I had to grow fast as my mother's reaction to being told her first born was a ginger was to weep uncontrollably.
The quote reminds me of my own mother, who once told me "I didn't like ginger hair until you were born."

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