Tuesday 3 February 2009

BBC Radio 4 Broadcasts Gingerism

This is an excellent example of how gingerism is so ingrained into today's society, that any offense from its use is totally unexpected.

Established and thoroughly middle class, the Today show on BBC Radio 4 is a well respected and trusted radio program in the United Kingdom. In this episode host Edward Stourton discusses the concept of a flawed literary masterpiece with guest novelists William Boyd and A.L. Kennedy.

The audio clip is extracted from point 02:25:45 of the Today show, originally broadcast on 30th January 2009.

Audio transcript follows:

ES: A.L. Kennedy, would you care to give us a couple of your favourite flawed masterpieces?
ALK: Yeah, and you have to bear in mind as Mr Boyd said, it is about love. I mean, you can fall in love with somebody with ginger hair and you never thought you would, but their ginger hair is different.
ES: I can almost hear the emails from ginger haired people coming in at this point.
ALK: As an example. I love ginger haired people myself.

Thank you to Gingerism reader Tom Allender for the heads up.

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