Wednesday 19 August 2009


I find it interesting, not to say fascinating, how when everyone is the same under the skin that REDheads are considered to be so psychologically different.

Their colour and thus their physical image is often maligned, denigrated and ridiculed by the 64 billion majority yet this should not affect them psychologically

REDheads are not psychologically affected as Blacks are affected by having their colour disrespected and brought into disrepute.

REDheads are not psychologically affected as other people are psychologically affected by having their image constantly ridiculed

REDheads are not psychologically affected by the majority focusing solely on the difference between REDheads and the 64 billion majority. Hair colour is all they see ‘ginger’ is all they say when there is so much more to all of us

REDheads are not psychologically affected by strangers dismissing their individual identity and making them part of some ‘ginger collective’

STEREOTYPING is known to have a detrimental psychological effect on the individuals within the stereotyped group except when it comes to REDheads

Who has the answer? Why are REDheads so psychologically different?

Why are REDheads so different under the skin?

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Unknown said...

Everyone is not the same under the skin.

Culture and Genetics affect how people behave.
i.e. English consider themselves Germanics despite the fact that Saxons had virtually no genetic influence, we are just as native as the rest of the isles (accept East Anglia)
The reason we may seem to act differently (from other Whites) is purely cultural. Despite being severally discriminative against in recent history, White in America are doing fine, just like all the other White ethnicities.

Black people didn’t follow us through the Neolithic revolution, Agricultural revolutions, Urban revolution industrial or information revolution.
They didn’t even have the Wheel! While the Aztecs ancestors created Llamas (pack animals) the Maya built Sleds (woodwork). Black people carry things on their head.

Black people still own the land they exterminated the ancestors off though, Southern Africa, 4.5 million sq. KM. It was inhabited by race called the Capiods, who have epithantic folds like the Chinese and lighter skin.

White will have soon lost Europe, The Americas and Australia.
Blacks +4.5 M, Whites 0.