Wednesday 26 August 2009


Hitler’s ‘IDEAL, PERFECT’ example of the Aryan race, of the human race was – a blue eyed, blonde.

The rest of society seems to concur with Hitler that Blonde is the best thing. That Blonde is superior. If Blonde is superior it follows that Redheads are inferior.

Most men want a Blonde on their arm and most women want to be Blonde. A few dye their hair RED but they won’t have a history of the negativity of ‘ginger’ weighing them down like a millstone round their neck.

The ‘mind game’ I’m supposed to believe is that other women, my sexual rivals are jealous of me, which is why they mostly dye their hair Blonde and then from their SUPERIOR, MAJORITY position ‘tease’ me because I’m only a ‘ginger’. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Are my sexual rivals really being friendly?

So Blondes walk around being ‘Desirable & Sexy - while REDheads get to be the funny looking little things with ‘cupid stunts’ that are ‘teased’, called ‘ginger’ names and laughed at.

While it’s possible men are thinking ‘with their little head’ when they’re looking at a redheaded girl and calling her names, such a limp excuse cannot be claimed by women.

Women are bitches about all of their sexual rivals. Unfortunately women make the best ‘teasers’ because women are, generally speaking, bitchy about other women despite the talk of ‘sisterhood’. I don’t believe a natural redhead can really belong to such a club. Despite women’s liberation I don’t think women will ever be liberated from being bitches it’s what we do best and it never prevents us from getting on with other multiple tasks that we have to do.

Was Hitler right? Are Blondes superior to Redheads? Are we all judgemental, discriminatory, Fascist, Nazi’s now, deriding anything that is not Blonde.


Anonymous said...

you express some very stong views i'm not sure its quite as bad as you say

Anonymous said...

I'm just relecting experiences, mine and others, that I know about or have read about. Just posing questions for consideration by those with an open mind capable of considering whether a majority has a right to expect everyone from a minority group to want to be called the same name, endlessly listen to the same joke. We are all different personalities and characters. Consider the points and agree or disagree its up to you but at least consider

Unknown said...

Then why did Hitler have Black hair???
Look at the rest of the top Nazis as well...

In any case I agree with your sentiment.

Anonymous said...

Red heads are kings amongst men. The blood in your veins is sacred. Be proud of your natural hair color. Let it be seen. Throughout history many a great hero has been blessed with red hair. We possess high intelligence & gentle natures. We represent the creme of the crop as far as whites go, this is the truth. Though some have different ideals, they cant touch our inner flame.

I am a strong, healthy, spiritually powerful white male of anglo saxon descent, I have red hair and Ill sooner bang a stunning red head than I would a blond, especially one who's heritage is a peroxide bottle. Red heads make very passionate lovers, the reason why is thanks to our blessed genetics we are spiritually endowed, strong.

Do not let the harsh treatment of jealous fools threatened by your inherent beauty get to you. Its simply a natural defensive mechanism on their part trying to protect their territory. Carve out your own niche and fly high your flag of nobility.

If you desire to bother the other girls simply give their boyfriends a weank, if you notice they will respond, the girls will be declaring you a slut whore by the end of the week. I recommend you guard your essence and only take lovers who are worthy of you. Maybe you should find yourself a redheaded boy and make some red headed babies, you know we are a global minority, an endangered species. Thanks to certain warmongering tribes of heathen barbarian monkey people, not that we are innocent in that department without scarlet on our hands as well as our heads.

Know that to be red headed is to be blessed. We are magic.

In my honest opinion we represent superior human stock. Though you should be proud & grateful for your heritage best judge yourself by your individual strengths. Go forth and accomplish in the name of red heads everywhere!

You know what they say, red hair on top, fire down below. ;-)