Wednesday 19 August 2009

Bullied To Dye by Mad As A


In truth I would prefer to break free

To escape the majority tyranny

They say I must wear a LABEL

An ill-fitting uniform

That I must not think freely

That I must bow down

And conform

That I must not say my hair is Red

Or any other fabulous shade

I must ‘admit’ I’m ‘ginger’ and ‘guilty’

But I cannot I’m afraid

I’m told I must join the collective

That individuality is not for me

That the majority want a great big joke

And the great big joke should be me

Well I want to be my own person

And choose the name I am called

But that’s not allowed in this fascist state

Where with laughter contempt they demonstrate

They say they are being friendly

But in truth they are a liar

I’m in war that I cannot win

Held down by ‘friendly fire’

Your label won’t be worn by this minger

I won’t be wrapped around your Oppressive finger

I can no more endure your HA! Ha! Ginger hype

I don’t want to live as a… stereotype

Off the street’s into the asylum and drugged

Yes the fascists have won I’ve been unplugged

I still live at the top of the rainbow… Here inside my head

But for fear of being sectioned I dare not say my hair is RED

1 comment:

Kate Orman said...

The giant text is kind of annoying. But this:

I still live at the top of the rainbow

... is brilliant. *thumbs up* :D