Friday 3 July 2009

BBC Three Looking for Red Head

We get a lot of press attention here at Gingerism HQ. Our latest email is from Nicola Asamoa, a producer for BBC Current Affairs. She writes:
I'm looking for a red head man to take part in a documentary for BBC 3. The man must be 16-24 and will have felt victimised for being a redhead.
If this sounds like you and you'd like to be involved in the show, let Nicola know by emailing

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1 comment:

surfer said...

Since she's from the BBC, how about she asks the opinion of that boy from the Rock School programme who was 13 when racially abused on national television by James May on the BBC programme Top Gear?

How about she asks the opinion of Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud as to how she felt when she was racially abused by Chris Moyles, an employee of the BBC, on Channel 5?

Or what about asking the opinion of redheaded children that were affected the next morning by a fox puppet teaching children how to use Ginger in a derogatory way towards redheads on Blue Peter on 12th December 2005?

In the UK, people have started to pronounce g in ginger with a hard g, making it rhyme with minger meaning a repulsively ugly person, or to play on the fact that it's an anagram of nigger and the BBC has been a major factor in creating this poisonous climate for redheads.

I certainly won't forget what this filthy, evil, disgusing, poisonous organisation has done to the mental health of redheads in the UK.