Thursday 15 October 2009


As my physical health is beginning to fail the thought occured as to what new 'ginger' nickname the majority might find for me now. 'Ginger Crip' & 'Ginger Spaz' spring to mind. I've got a fold-out bed on the floor and if they saw me try to get to my feet I'm sure 'Ginger Slug' would be an odds on favourite though 'Ginger Gimp' is running a close second - if we presume that gimps can run.

The fact is that they will as always call me something 'ginger' lest I forget I'm only 'ginger' so I thought maybe some of you could beat them at their own game and think of a new 'ginger' putdown for me.

The only rule is that the insult must contain 'Ginger' that is the majorities obligatory rule which we must follow to the letter, or they will accuse us of not 'playing the game' and because its contains the word 'ginger' it will be as hilarious as any other 'F*cking ginger c*nt', 'ginger minge' insult. Ha! Ha! Ha!

I offer a prize of a measly £1o for the best suggestion. At this moment I'm not sure how I will get it to you but if you're if interested take a shot. It should be easy Redheads are a small but highly visible target - you can't miss. I'm sure a putdown chosen by a 'ginger people' can be as hilarious & insulting as anything bland bollox can come up with.


Ben Paddon said...

I'm ginger myself, and I have to say... you really do seem to be letting this whole thing dominate every aspect of your life. You are looking to be offended. You anticipate it. You lie in the tall grass waiting for something to pounce on - something that may never come. You are pouncing at shadows.

I'm not saying it doesn't happen - Hell, one of the contributing factors in my decision to move from Luton to Los Angeles is that here in LA people like red hair - but you're letting it take too tight a grip on your existence. The people who use these words want to hurt, they want to offend. You're playing right into that.

There are so many peaceful ways to disarm a bigot. Becoming a bigot yourself is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of these blogs make sense and if someone doesn't keep the injustice and factual inequality alive and on some sort of agenda it will be forgotten and it will continue. I believe a guy called Roland also escaped to the states and it shouldn't be necessary to escape the land of your birth to get a fair and equal deal. zed

Clive M said...

My friend at work is ginger and she gets bullied all the time. I think its really unfair, and I am starting a campaign against it. It will be on Friday 30th Feb, in the strawberry fields in Ginge Lane.

Ginger bread men and carrots for everyone!

Many Thanks,