Thursday 19 November 2009

Can It Be That Reds Heads Are Only Protected In One State Of Australia

I wrote an email to the Australian Human Rights Commission... The content of the email was mostly cut and pasted from my 'Redhead Employment Discrimination' article. The reply outlined the following...

"This Commission can only investigate complaints of discrimination on the basis of age, race, disability and sex... Unfortunately this Commission does not have the power to investigate discrimination on the basis of physical appearance.

If you live in Victoria you may wish to contact the Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission as it may be able to take a complaint about discrimination based on physical appearance. Its website is"

The reply also outlined a website for free legal advice. very helpful.

Good on you Victorian Government! Yet another reason to move to Victoria.

Now any suggestions from anyone to help out those minorities who live in other parts of Australia would be much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Nate I find your blogs intriguing but am confused a little, who do you claim is dicriminating you? The asst principal? The teachers? School? Students or system? I can see you have been bullied and that is wrong, but who are you angry at and what exactly did they do? Would be keen for you to clarify? Cheers

Anonymous said...

Also how do you feel your bullying could be rectified?

Nate said...


I am a little confused at the questions. I welcome the opportunity to clarify.

I thought I had made it clear how the form of discrimination occurs.

BUT FIRST... Before I write another novel (which with sincere respect) you seem to not understand. This could be my writing style as much as anything.

To help me clarify, please answer the following for me.

What is your definition of discrimination?

and since you mentioned system... not me.... clarify what you mean?


Also discrimination is different from bullying. I have written on how I intend to work at ('rectify'?) the issue. Raising awareness of redhead discrimination and becoming aware of my rights in the process is how I intend to address the discrimination.

And to legally gain everyday rights as an everyday person, to quote the 'Victorian Human Right Commission' website would hurt either.


Anonymous said...

Your talking in double talk, going in circles! My questions are very simple what actual occurance made you feel hurt? What has prompted you to say all this? Do you feel the people who called you bad names have not been fairly punished? Do you feel the school has treated you badly in some way based purely on the color of your hair, and if so what was that mistreatment? For not hiring you because you get bullied? By your logic they wouldn't hire women or foreigners or people who stutter or the handicapped? I am simply asking you.... Why do you personally feel hurt and what you think posting online will accomplish?.........

Anonymous said...

Ps my definition of discrimination - is what is the thing you were not able to get/have/participate/feel/enjoy because you have red hair?

Nate said...


It reads to me that you are looking for where I should be apportioning blame. And I have made myself clear on the 'Naming and Shaming' issue, for which I will not be bullied into.

"WHO WANTS TO HIRE AN ADMIN ISSUE OF THIS SORT? No assistant principal wants to deal with this kind of problem day in day out, especially not for a relief teacher they can replace so easily." - Red Head Discrimination, Nov 15,'09

...and re-read the two paragraphs above the quote to put it in context. My redhair becomes a workplace issue in this context, it puts undeniable pressure on assistant principals who end up sorting it out (WHETHER THEY FOLD TO THAT PRESSURE OR NOT), effects my chances of re-hiring... relief teaching becomes "the thing I am not able to get/have/participate/feel/enjoy because I have red hair"

The complete lack of support from 'non-admin' staff members

" is played down and seen as fun or lower level harassment to other forms (such as racism)."- Red Head Discrimination (Continued) COMMENT RESPONSE, Nov 15,'09

makes the school environment an 'extremely hostile' work environment as I am forced to virtually fight the harassment by myself with the exception of admin staff, who are rarely by my side for obvious reasons. My risk of burn out is extremely high. My job option as a relief teacher is bleak OR "the thing I am not able to get/have/participate/feel/enjoy because I have red hair". My physical appearance maybe taken as more serious harassment if I lived in Victoria it seems.

You mentioned a list of minorities of which nearly all have been protected under law, with the part exclusion of 'foreigners' who many of which may simply be from another country or protected under law as a different race. I have written...

"This type of discrimination may or may not be common amongst other minority groups, and possibly may even be more or less severe, but ALL discrimination of this kind is WRONG."- Red Head Discrimination (Continued) COMMENT RESPONSE, Nov 15,'09

Now you also mention something previously about me being 'angry' which has made me reflect a little further on being a redhead in mainstream society. I will be writing another article soon. I'm sure you will find it way more controversial than this issue.

To answer your next question. I find it easier to understand clarify and solve my problems when I write about them OR blogg.

The written feedback I am finding even more rewarding in clarifying and pin pointing my own and more importantly other peoples perspectives on the issue.

I am also finding that their is very real emotional reward in being apart of a group who share the exact same or similar issues to myself as a redhead.

Please keep the comments coming.

Anonymous said...

Okay I get your points, especially about other minorities being protected but you are still mainly talking in rhetoric and avoiding the majority of my questions. So let me see if I have this correct, you are implying because non admin staff do not support you and you are an admin nightmare due to you being teased as having red hair, this effected your employment. If you lost your job because of that then I sympathize, that is horrible. If that is the case make a formal complaint like not red suggested. But if not, then seriously stop talking about teachers behind their backs, what your doing is harrassment and bullying and a cowardly form at that!!

Nate said...

You write like your ignoring or don't understand my article, then posing questions that directly undermine or contradict key points. Your 'rhetoric' of attempting to defuse my article as 'rhetoric' is noted. And ignored.

No teacher, No School, No Department, No State... has been mentioned. Even if any person directly knew who I was I could be speaking about any number of admin staff from three schools.

That's called not naming those that maybe POTENTIALLY accountable, but NOT at fault. Not a form of bullying.

I am simply documenting the prejudice I felt as a redhead in mainstream society. On a site dedicated to documenting redhead prejudice in mainstream society.

I repeat again... I will not be bullied into 'Naming and Shaming' or making a formal complaint.

'I' have felt prejudice, 'I' have written about it, 'I' will act on it in anyway 'I' feel necessary.

Nate said...

I have to add that the key points you contradict or undermined are the questions of BLAME.

Your questions:

who do you claim is dicriminating you? The asst principal? The teachers? School? Students or system

Do you feel the people who called you bad names have not been fairly punished?

I don't think I have to make myself clear again on the issue of 'Naming and Shaming'