Monday 23 November 2009

Dogging the Mainstream Fashion

I hope you like my alias Nate my ginger, my hoe, my bitch. Its in honour of your oppression my brother... but seriously... fuck offffffff!!!!!!! Oh no the nasty 12 year olds are calling me names! Make an official complaint you wanker! Toughen up son! If anyone in the UK complained about the power their boss had over them... the reply would be 'alright, on your bike!'.

Anyway, my actual brother (not a ginger brother) tells me that its a bad idea to join this bloggsite. He says its likely that Keiron and Madassa are the same person and I'll end up being stalked, hunted and axed by a psychotic, skitso. Will the real Madassa pleas stand up! My brother calls the thin red line. He's a a complete non-redheaded bastard. Well at least we (the family) thought he was the milkman's son on account of him not having redhair... until we read about how the redhead gene can skip around a lot. My brother is probably the biggest anti-red around, like a staunch US capitalist prick from the 50's or a microscoft executive. My brother is always calling me 'ginga', etc. and his oz mate who always calls me 'ranga'.

Anyway I figure this blogg site is depressing at times... it really is the darker side of redhair. With all the stupid shit done to and written about redheads over history I recon we are the smartest people in the world just by default... but by that reconing it would make blondes geniuses and the natives of the colonies and some ex-slaves in the US complete gods... But in just thinking about the many major parts of Europe that believed letting a redhead into the dairy would turn the milk sour makes me realise… well... we are definitely the gods of Europe, even if only by default.

Madassa your a little nutty, but Keiron tells me your's nutter... which makes you fine by me. I'm also not sure that you and Keiron still aren't the same person so best leave the mentally ill, best alone... well at least as far as slinging verbal abuse goes. Not to be pc, but just cause I like staying alive! :)

What pisses me off the most about the mainstream is this!!! Of all the hundreds of model agencies in london not one of them has a redhead on the books. A redhead is only a blonde and a bottle away... I'd like to think we redheads are smart enough to do cash jobs under the table to avoid taxes... but Im guessing it isn't so... mainstream bastard, assholes!! @%$*&£... I was right to say “carrot tops are green and not red” as the young comeback kid... carrot tops are green, green with envy!!!!... which is incidentally the colour a redheads hair turns if you attempt to bleach blonde your hair. Red-life's not fuckin fair!

Madassa I read that your into poetry... let me know what you think!

The Fanta Pants Sizzle - By Dogg

Upon picking up that ginger beer be sure to pickup some ice-cream.
You must test the theory of the best desert in town.
A spider or a float made with fanta, now that is supreme.

But be careful now freckled and non-freckled folk,
That you don't happen upon an author of
Some are likely to cut your throat, as none of them seem at all calm.

This one seems to be mighty quick and will kick some ass at rhyme,
So... spin, spin as fast as you can.
You cant catch me I'm the ginger haired man.

Some say our skin is deficient its freckly and burns double time,
But soon the world will be vitamin D deficient that's where we're in our prime,
That's when all these dots join up and our tans will be doin' fine.

But for now be careful what you say to a redhead whose genes can skip a generation.
Dont piss us off...
Or... us redheds will have your first born.

Dogg out ginger's


Anonymous said...

Of course you feel the same way about blacks, Jews, Asians etc.
And if you dont, you're a hypocrite as well as a bigot-- and there's no bigger turd, than a racists with double-standards.

Hache said...

I am probably one of the luckier "gingers", I was not bullied at school. I recieved the obvious comments from backward uneducated individuals, I recall doing my paper round and the window cleaner shouting constant abuse at me, mainly just shouting "ginger" at the top of his voice. Yes this filled me with bitterness and resentment, but at the end of the day he lives in the shit part of town and has not been half as lucky as I have with my upbringing.

The problem I have found, it isn't males, if a male disrespected me for my hair I would get angry. The problem is mainly the women. Their is a prejudice buried deep into the brain of individuals of this county (england), something which starts at school and they do not lose this prejudice as far as I am aware.

Ginger is undesireable.... however Red is not. Most of my friends are female, they have said they would not go out with a ginger person. Isn't that nice. They wouldn't want to bring a ginger person back to their friends or walk down the street holding hands with one of these disgusting beings??? Why is it like this? Because of social status and they relate ginger to the bullied undesireable kids at school.

The next problem I have come across many times is girls talking about when they dyed their hair... it came out a shade of ginger... oh no how bad, they said how disgusted they were, desperate to get rid of it, how they cried. They abuse each other with the threat of being ginger.

Unfortunately I am failing right now, I have let the girls in my life use "ginge" as something they can call me. I must take a stance against it, for the sake of my future children or grand children, whoever gets my gene. The girls think I like it, but the truth is I ignore it and play a long to get through it, something that whenever I complain about comments and bullying I just get told to get over it, everyone get's bullied apparently so just learn to ignore it. But it isn't the bullying I have a problem with, it is the prejudice that clearly exists. I need to stop playing a long with being ginger.

Obviously some gingers get girls and have great lives so because of that me blaming being ginger is dismissed. But there is something about their personality which helps over ride the fact they are ginger, just like how my personality helped me avoid being bullied in school, but this does not mean there isn't a prejudice there.

Red is beautiful, Ginger is horrible, we must get rid of this pejoritive word Ginger.

Dogg said...


I am not a racist. I will say though that I do parody, as comment... in the same way as the "Tim Minchin Taboo lyrics and video" article found on

The 'real' racism and hate comes from not verbal victimisation (not to take away from its very 'real' effects), which fades in comparison to a 'real' form of racism... by not providing opportunities to people based on their race... this form of racism is only second to violence.

No hypocrite here, just a concerned ginger... piggy-backing on the language of 'real' oppressed people... with a clear message 'real' discrimination is bull-shit.

Peace out gingers!

Dogg said...


I'm hearing you. I have a sister in-law who before she planned on having kids or marrying one of my brothers (non-ginger) made this joke.

"I'm making sure I have an underwater birth... because if my baby comes out ginger, I'll keep a foot on its head."

F-up! my 'G'-H09.

And you have managed to illustrate a point I was making to 'KirkSkywalker'... Its easy to feel upset at the 'uneducated individuals', but as you say your own 'upbringing' or privilege empowers you. What about theirs? This name calling type of discrimination is 'ALMOST' NOTHING unless it comes from a place of greater privilege that can possibly deny you opportunity in a lot of varying social contexts.

Also don't worry about the girls who don't like the ginger... "any person shallow enough or personality underdeveloped or deficient enough to not date a redhead isn't worth knowing." says Ma ma - It must suck though if you feel you have no choice but to be the long-term/dating type... you must scream, 'where's my action?'... did-ums your forced into a non-promiscuous lifestyle.

I've rarely struggled to get laid, if that's what I'm setting out to do and I work at it. You can play the 'ginger' card. You need to set your-self a series of social experiments, and re-claim the word.

Word-up my 'G'

Dogg out

H09 said...

I do not wish to reclaim the word. I don't want to hear it again, it makes me cringe, it always has, I don't avoid the colour of my hair, I don't avoid being a red head, but I do avoid the word ginger as best I can.

Being a red head is desirable, being a ginger is not. Society effects the way others think around the word ginger, including myself.

Is it right to milk the attention being "ginger" creates? I thought their was an article on here someone frowning upon Chris Evans' use of abuse. I know I have milked it with the people I live with.

The playfulness does not hurt, the prejudice and the shouting in the street, now that is a problem. How can we fix this? When will political correctness protect me.

Tim Minchin's song is genius, yes it is funny but the meaning of the lyrics is fantastic. It is spot on.

Nate said...

It doesn't surprise me that 'Dogg' missed that you didn't want to reclaim the word. I'm still shocked the freak can read.

I don't know if this helps H09, but its my two cents. The word Ginger isn't used in a derogatory way in Australia, which doesn't mean its not offensive. There is even a comic strip called "Ginger Meggs" that appears in the paper everyday. It stereotypes redheads as mischievious etc, and the 'ginger' word itself isn't seen as a pot shot at redheads. Ive got to say that because it was never used in a derogatory way against me, its never phased me that much. I realise from the time I have spent in the UK that it frequently gets pronounced 'ginga' with a real derogatory tone.

Do you not like 'ginger' or 'ginga' or 'both'?

Id love to help you find a way to protect yourself from the word 'ginger'... I would love to have a go at 'Ginger Meggs' but its supposedly an 'Aussie Icon' and hence UNTOUCHABLE.

Google 'Ginger Meggs' H09 and see what you think. I'd love to hear any redheads view on 'Ginger Meggs'... hell I'm gonna add it to the list of articles to write.

In Australia 'Ranga' is the offensive word yelled at you in the street... I have even been attacked in the street for being a 'ranga' and as I ran away from being kicked in the head and having my shirt ripped open, my brother (another redhead) and I were screamed at 'Fuckin Ranga's' and were started on by two separate groups of people on the way back to the car. There are parts of my home town that I don't like to go anymore at night. Its fucked.


Nate said...

Tim Minchin's song is genius.

Dogg said...

Nate your an over PC fuck head! People are sick of being PC, your going to be hated.

H09 with all due respect (and I mean that) if you don't want to hear the word 'ginger' again then why write on a site called “”? Is a point of fact, not a criticism.

H09 I genuinely found your response productive and thoughtful. I have found myself playing 'a long to get through it' or playing the fool to get past it...

Im gonna play the fool to such a degree I mean ludicrous levels that anyone with half a brain can clearly see the prejudice, and hopefully feel ashamed. Its a tactic to reclaim 'ginger', possibly a tactic that goes against the grain of what your trying to do, but hey my 'G' I'm gonna have a laugh all the way! Crying about is a little depressing my homes, my 'G', my 'ginga'... Hope you understand.

Its an impossible task... all the more reason to have laugh.

Dogg Out

h09 said...

@ Nate

I never really got "ginga", not much anyway, just the word ginger itself was shouted or used to be disrespectful.

Like you I know where not to go in my home town, but not for fear of being beaten up, just being abused. It is generally the uneducated people in poverty by this countrys standards, I would not want to walk down the streets of these areas because of my hair. Then there are teenagers who are in education but dont know any better. Due to my size they are more likely to bottle it though, or they do it from somewhere they know they are safe, out of a car window being the most popular.

I went on the ginger meggs website, first thing on their home page "Oy ginge where can I read the strip", that was enough for me to know this strip encourages people to single out gingers.

I dont want to be too picky and defensive though, when we are people just tell us to buck up, everyone gets stick, the fat kid, the kid with glasses. It's not about the school yard stick, unless that is destroying a person then you just have to put up with it, but people dont grow out of abusing gingers and as I have said a few times, I dont want to keep repeating myself, but there is a social prejudice which is the problem.


I came to because the title I stumbled across was "gingerism - a pejorative word" or something a long those lines. That is just spot on, the word makes ginger hair undesirable.

With regards to political correctness going too far, until we are taken in by it then it hasn't gone far enough.

Even "overweight" people will be protected before us, and that isn't a genetic inheritance it is a medical condition.

Anonymous said...

After reading all this, i've realized how much some people truely need a life. This whole thing with making fun of redheads and wanting to kill them bc their redheads has been taken to a new level. How can you honestly truely hate someone bc they have red hair? i mean really? I can understand not likeing or even not finding someone attractive bc of that, but killing? And making up a whole freaking website about it? Come on now. I live in the US and i've NEVER had this much of a problem with people taunting me for having red hair. Of course i got made fun of as a child. Some parents dont raise their kids right and that is the result. Racism of any kind is a form of ignorance. Your not well read or informed and you make fun of others bc of lack of knowledge. Having such hatred like that toward any group IS a mental problem rather you want to believe it or not. Do you see anyone with any kind of true success or power promoting hatred toward a group? No, and why is that? Bc those people are very well educated and dont have thoughts like that. They are smart, sophisticated and well rounded individuals. If anyone has such racism like this, be it towards redheads or any other group, dont expect to be successful or rich or important in society in the long run. Bc people like me are going to be reading the stuff you write and think your nuts. And if you havent noticed, people thought to be crazy arent exactly on the top of any list. Except for enrollment into a mental facillity.

Dogging said...

Dogg is so right - leave them gingers alone