Monday 23 November 2009

"Police: Facebook site may have led to beating of 12-year-old"

"The beating of 12-year-old boy by a group of classmates at a Southern California middle school may be linked to a Facebook posting encouraging kids to target redheads, authorities say... A Facebook page stating that Friday was "Kick a Ginger Day," referring to redheads and possibly inspired by an episode of the "South Park" series..."

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Dogg said...

I love South Park... its funny!

Sure blame South Park... If they weren't bashing the kid for bein a redhead they'd be bashing him for some other reason. Next you'll be blaming Star Trek's red alert for making a ginger look dangerous.


Dogg said...


Physical defect??? What are you reading?

Get off the drugs son!

And while your at it define sarcasm for me! Chill out my fellow 'G'... everyone knows "their parents hate them."

Dogg out

Dogg said...

Now, now Madassa, play nice.

You stated about me:

"Dogg really is a dick."

I completely and utterly disagree with you... DOGG IS NOT A DICK, this is sexist and unfair, he is a cunt.

You also state:

"..he APPEARS to support every bit of bigotry practised by the majority"

'Appears'... Judging by this statement I can tell that you have a critical mind and haven't ruled me out as having a possible positive effect... as I have not ruled out your RANTING as having a positive effect. Its your way of contributing and you are welcome to it.

Dogg Out my G

P.s. Redheads are stupid, its a little known scientific fact!