Tuesday 24 November 2009

Redhead Social Networking Site... Gingerism or Just Exclusive?

Redhead-world.com is it 'Gingerism' or exclusive, hence exclusionary? A new social networking site works toward building 'real' positive redhead identity. Under 200 members at the moment... the need for an 'all redhead site' potentially speaks volumes about redhead mainstream exclusion and the need to form a community, albeit online!

Concentrating on just the 'gingerism' can be depressing... glad to promote redhead-world.net on gingerism.com, whether its a loose connection or not.

Join interest groups, blogg, chat, place classifieds, post on boards, forums, add and swap photos, check out redhead events, participate in polls and post articles.

Check it out @ http://www.redhead-world.net/

Its completely free and easy to build a profile. Get on it!


Dogg said...

So we have our own social networking site... next they'll be sending us to our own schools! :-p Awesome! now I have a way to catch up with my fellow gingers from all over the country and the world. I can see it getting confusing with all those cultures. I remember once, I stumbled upon this guy with a thick Cotwolds accent... 'Ayye ginga'. From the accent I wasn't sure whether he was tryin to give me shite, so I asked 'Are you takin the mick?' He replied 'Heck nall' and laughed. I was confused. It took me hours to figure out he was takin the piss, the two-headed gingerist asshole. Another confusion is, how are they going to police the ginger profiles? I have this mate who only has ginger facial hair, he likes to shave and infiltrate the top jobs. Would he be welcome on redheadworld.com even though he's clearly ashamed to be a ginger?

Anonymous said...

I wonder that you call yourself Dogg when you seem so happy to be called 'ginger' personally I reckon the word is just shorthand for shite, certainly in the pejorative way that the majority use it. Promoting a more positive view of Redheads is a necessary idea but getting aligned with a 'gingerist, ginger asshole' like yourself would not be so good. I like to think that I'm ordinary, just like everybody else and want to be treated that way. I want the freedom to walk around unmolested by strangers shouting anything at me not presuming to know me because they have some stupid, stereotypical'ginger' name to call me.

Dogg said...

Hey Anon,

You are not ordinary... Ginger!

Ordinary people take the crap given to them on the chin and do nothing about it.

Interesting people see a problem and do whatever is reasonable and within their power to tackle that problem.

Less than ordinary people, like yourself sit back, dont ignore or walk away... and give un-constructive criticism sharing nothing about themselves but negativity.

You say you "want to the freedom to walk around unmolested by strangers shouting anything at me" (which sounds like a Madassa rant) what are you doing about it?

Stand up for yourself... and never stop contributing your version of positive.

Dogg Out G