Wednesday 31 December 2008

Student's poem about her exposure to gingerism

Bubbles, a high school student from Wallasey elaborates on the red head bullying she experiences at school.

It's a hair colour,
That's a fact.
On other people,
It's a big impact.

Love thy neighbours,
God once said.
Name calling still happens,
Hey red head.

Getting bullied,
Oh the shame.
Then you realise,
It's only a name.

Turned the colour,
Of my hair.
Talk behind my back,
It's not fair.

Hey Ginge,
People shout.
Others stare,
As you walk about.

What's wrong with that?
You cover it up,
By wearing a hat.

We all have different,
Hairstyles and colours.
So why respect one,
Less than all the others?

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