Friday 9 October 2009


As the Anton Du Beke ‘race row’ rages on once again the choice of language is the issue and whether darker skinned minorities should continue to be protected from pejorative, derogatory words as redheads are not. It’s obvious that the masses follow the example of celebrities and celebrities using this sort of offensive terminology encourage its use by the masses and encourages divisive and separatist thinking and behaviour. This then is often followed by confrontation and violence on the streets. Language i.e words are the way in which humans communicate with each other and while stones may bruise for a short while the scars caused by ill chosen words can often not be forgotten. If words have no power why do we all love, want to hear “I love you”? Words have great power to start wars - and to end them. All the words surrounding ‘ginger’ are derogatory or profane, it is always used pejoratively. What I find funny is that it is the average, bland, ordinary ‘normal’ person who is unlikely to attract attention themselves who wants the right to belittle, humiliate, ridicule those who do stand out from the crowd for whatever reason. The destructive power of ‘jokes’/humour is recognised which is why ‘jokes’ about all other minorities are banned. Other minorities have far greater numbers and political power and we know for a fact had a woman from the redheaded minority been insulted whether in ‘private conversation’ or ‘on air’ however vile, rude or insulting there would be no furore, or outrage voiced by anyone but other redheads. While bringing the colour of the massive Black minority into disrepute is racist and offensive ‘ginger is a joke and ginger people are only a joke and therefore cannot possibly feel insulted, or offended. The redheaded minority are told they must admit their colour is funny/silly/hilarious/ridiculous/stupid and that having chosen to be born that colour we must accept the majority right to point out DAILY how funny/silly/hilarious/ridiculous/stupid we look and are and as for the funny/stupid pubes ha! Ha! Ha! Bland Bollox might amuse Mousey Minge ripping the ‘P’ out of me. It does nothing but turn me off and of course, I have no right to reply because every derogatory ‘ginger’ insult is a ‘joke’. I don’t know any of the bland/mousey majority how is it they are sharing a joke with me?


Nate said...


The flack you cope for "the contents of your knickers" as I think you put it another more recent article and "the colour of your pubes" IS sexual harassment! DO NOT PUT UP WITH IT!

I have no doubt that you have become victimised and bullied partly because or completely because of your redhair.

Fight the harassment that you can first!

If you find that the sexual harassment your facing is played down, because of your hair colour... I think you'll find that if you keep pushing it will be taken higher and higher and it will be STOPPED!


Ali said...

I was just linked to this by a good friend of mine. He's been called a ginger often in his life, but doesn't actually consider himself red headed - I think its more of the complexion.

Anyways, I've always had an attraction for the 'ginger look.' I absolutely love the freckles and the hair. I never even knew the word ginger had a negative connotation. Sure, I've heard before that people have been unattracted to redheads, but I didn't realize any of these other insults were there with the term.

Anyways, I just used the term in a conversation (in reference to someone I found attractive, actually), and he got extremely offended. We got into an argument, which ended in a "fine you win" and a cold shoulder on his end. I really didn't mean anything to come with this, I just really didn't understand it and he seems to be very offended by my ignorance.

I've read this now, and I feel very bad for you and him and all people who have endured bullying. I can't really say I've experienced bullying for any of my physical qualities that I could not change, but dealt for years in high school with constant harassment for no reason other than I was apparently a good target, and it was horrible. I can't really imagine being unable to change myself and getting punishment for it.

I guess what I'm asking is how I can make up with him. He won't even talk with me yet I was supposed to see him for the first time in 7 weeks on Wednesday.