Sunday 21 February 2010

Well that was interesting

It seems allowing two readers free reign to post has resulted in self destruction of the blog. To remedy this I will be returning as the sole reporter for I will be posting new articles every Sunday.


Anonymous said...

It's pretty sad if some people can't comprehend straightforward debates and understand that proposing controversial statements is supposed to encourage further discussion or opposing arguments or points of view. It will be impossible to deter or abolish the gingerist attitudes of the majority if we don't have justifiable arguments about the equal treatment of all minorities. Why can you rubbish & ridicule one minorities colour and not another? That 'name calling & stereotyping' of one minority of colour is not acceptable yet is totally acceptable in the case of another minority of colour. That 'sexual harassment' cases should include the bombardment of the majorities obsession with pubic hair while they may find ginger hair hilarious having your private sexual parts openly discussed in public is abusive, intrusive and offensive. There is a constant incitement to contempt of redheads in all of the so called 'comedic' abuse which we know resulted in 'kick a ginger' day. Racists don't pretend to share a joke with Black people. The slim know they are being insulting when they abuse/ridicule the fat. Why do the majority continue to delude themselves that they are sharing a joke with redheads when their incessant 'jokes' result in the deaths of redheaded children?

Anonymous said...

Gingers do not have souls