Saturday 23 January 2010, Racism and Violent Threats

I am writing to state that unless Madasa is removed from being able to post on I will no longer be posting on

I support blogs as a platform for free speech, but I will not associate or affiliate myself with any level of racism. I personally and professionally as a teacher find racism to be reprehensible and outright ignorant.

Whether Madasa is mentally ill or not, racism is racism and I will not ignore it. I will do everything reasonable with in my power to undermine the authority of racist opinions or those who are racist and I will not be a part of any site that allows racism to be posted.

Additionally, I will also not tolerate threats of violence... nor will I support a site that allows threats of violence to happen without consequence.

Madasa has threatened me in comments, she should be removed from

I am awaiting a decision from Kerion Waites the creator and admin person.



Anonymous said...

Preacher Nate is obviously a lot more 'YELLOW' than he is ginger if he feels threatened by my admission that I have half a mind.

Anonymous said...

Where are my manners? previous 'YELLOW BELLY' comment by Madasa

Anonymous said...

This is interesting. Is Madasa's Diplomatic Immunity going to be revoked because she ain't diplomatic enough????

Anonymous said...

Is nate being a real DICK tater?

Anonymous said...

I do hope teaching the English language is not 'within' your power Nate as it is quite reprehensible.

Anonymous said...

A 'METAPHOR' evokes an image by representing one thing [racism] with another thing [gingersim] that is not really like it.

In examining the comparison of the two things which are not alike -

We can find meaningful SIMILARITIES under the surface.
A 'SIMILE' is a comparison of things that are unlike [gingerism] [racism]- but - have something in common.

Anonymous said...

Another heated debate. Has anyone happened to see the Jez Butterworth play Jerusalem at the Shaftesbury in London. Mackenzie Crook dyes his hair and plays 'Ginger'. How stereotypical that someone with ginger hair must be called 'Ginger' but is the rest of role and the reaction to him as stereotypical, as seems to be required under English law and custom - which is apparently what the play is about - Englishness.

Anonymous said...

I see the 'gingerism' episode of south park is due on comedy central in February as part of the 'cartman chronicles'.

Anonymous said...

wasn't that south park episode the one held responsible for the incitement to the contemptous hate crime as the canadian police called it i.e kick a ginger day? How come nobodys commented for so long has Nate scared everyone off?

Nate said...

I'll be writing again in Feb


Anonymous said...

It would seem all blogging, discussion and free speech has come to an end on this site. Has everyone been struck dumb?

Turbulentbeauty said...

Sorry to hear that someone has abused a privledge by being so rude.

However, I would like to point out that redheads/gingers are not a race. Most redheads are part of the Caucasian race, but there is not a specific 'race' for persons of any hair color. The same applies for blondes and brunettes-- jokes about them are not 'racist' either.

The words to classify this would be 'dicriminatory' or 'bigoted.'

I am a redhead myself and this is one of the few annoyances I have... please watch the TLC video Isle of Redheads. It's a great example