Saturday 16 January 2010


Dr Who…if the scriptwriters gave a realistic rendition

Dr Who…ginga of the universe.

The Dr having landed in London was leaving the Tardis when a shout of

Scene I
“Oi Ginger, you can’t park that box there ginger and talking of boxes ginger have you got ginger pubes ginger?”. I know you have ginger ha! ha! and you ginger don’t have a clue about mine ginger‘cause you’re a stupid ginger twat, ginger ”.

Scene II.
I’m telling you officer something ginger went hairing past I’m not sure if it was a ginger ninja, or a ginger minger but it was definitely ginger.

Naturally a ‘love interest’ is out of the question

Scene III
“Oh No” screeched Miss Mousey “It was ginger hee! hee! hee! Oh No! I couldn’t go out with something ginger, my life, you wouldn’t even want to be seen in with something that ginger ha! ha! ha!.

And as the Dr tried to go undercover and infiltrate the alien HQ.

Scene IV
“Look, there’s a ginger trying to be something its not when you can tell a glance its only a ginger. These f*cking gingers why can’t they just admit they’re only ginger and should be walking around so we’ve got something ginger to call ginger names and laugh at because we’re not ginger so we’re much better than gingers. Ha! Ha! They just look twatish and ginger why won’t gingers just admit they look like ginger mingers. The ginger whinger had no chance of getting in here without the alarms going off.

That’s about how ginger and interesting and ginger and exciting and ginger it would be. In fact as ginger and boring and ginger as they make my life which is another ginger reason I’m a ginger lunatic and a ginger recluse.

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Amy said...

Woah, they had that on TV? That's horrible! In the US that wouldn't fly!