Monday 11 January 2010

Talk Facts, Effects not REDHEAD semantics.

I found Paul Mcinnes article quite interest a) on account of being called subversive. B) his belief that Kelsey Winter [13] & Adam Bailey [15] died from the effects of a 'thin skin'. That wasn't the conclusion the coroner came to but maybe Mr Macinnes 'thick head' gives him more insight than the coroner has.
Nate seems very concerned about causing offence to somebody, anybody, what a nice guy. I am now unable to partake in discussions because I'm basically uneducated and the 'debates' have become so long, so wordy, so earnest, so far removed from everyday language that they no longer make sense.

Some plain talking in plain English would not go amiss.

There is a lot to be said for brevity.


John McAndrew said...

What Paul Mcinnes's article are you talking about?

People might read this blog in years to come so you should give a reference.

Nate said...
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Nate said...

I apologies Madasa for the...

"long, so wordy, so earnest, so far removed from everyday language that they no longer make sense."

...'debate'. It is exclusionary and not fair if I do not address your concerns... but I hope you understand it is no reason to stop debating.

I am glad you have spoke up, as many may feel the same way as yourself.

I hope I can help... which comment, reference or wording don't you understand?

We are both going to have to be patient between responses... as we are in different time zones.


Nate said...


I liked Paul Mcinnes article...

"Doctor, Doctor! Gingerism's gone nuts"

...Mcinnes is a redhead and every redhead has a right to make light of themselves, its a fundamental right... its de-humanising and wrong when a non-redheaded person makes light of redheads.


Anonymous said...

Dear John, I looked up the Paul Mcinnes article in the Guardian after reading the previous blog on 'Dr Who'. I was 'flattered' that he thought those of us who do object to gingerism are subversives, its a step up I guess from being considered insane. I admit I make the mistake of thinking everyone is on the same wavelength as me, apologies. My first Dear John letter.

Nate said...


Would it hurt to of made this a comment on the last post? Instead of creating a new post.

Anonymous said...

In the event that people think I'm unable to take the 'p' out of myself, that isn't true but its the obligatory aspect'that you must laugh at your hair' that I object to when the hair is considered neither funny,silly, or nerdy when worn by UNnatural redheads. I would prefer it, if people are gonna rip it, that it has got something personal to do with me, something that I have some control over and that it is said 'one on one, face to face, in the way I deliver my insults. It is the incessant nationally broadcast bigotry that incites contempt that I object to.

Anonymous said...

Yes Nate, it was taking too, too, too long to get to bottom of it.

Nate said...


Good to read your back.

John McAndrew said...

Taking the piss out of yourself and letting others do it doesn't work unless the playing field is level for everyone. Neither do we all have the same type of personality which can laugh things off as humour.

The Black comedian Craig Charles used to do a comedy act with a character involving the name nigger, when it was acceptable in the 80s. He then did a show called Weapons of Mass Distraction in May 2004 where he said that Ron Atkinson shouldn't have used the word nigger, even if it was off air, hence implying it was right that he was sacked from his job. And then going on to ridicule him for being fat.

Later on in the program, he asked the opinion of the Iranian comedian Omid Djalili when shown a list of celebrities. When shown the picture of Robert Redford the comment was bleeped out, with Craig Charles laughing. Let's be honest it was probably ginger minger/tosser.

Then there is the Asian writer Sanjeev Bhaskar who did a brilliant series called Goodness Gracious Me, satirising Asian culture and being Asin in Britain. But when shown a clip of Spike Milligan doing an Indian sketch in his Curry And Chips program, she was bordering on outraged, describing the clip as blatantly taking the piss out of the "wog".

So taking the piss out of yourself is a very complicated subject and I think it's all to do with how it influences your place in society. To start with, it increases your inclusion because you're seen as harmless and worth befriending. Then after a while, it's seen as an obstacle because it undermines your status in a society that now includes you, but you want more.

As a footnote, I'd love to find out more about Craig Charles and the hypocrisy of ITV that sacked Ron Atkinson for saying something in private, and Craig Charles for lauging with Omid Djalili over the Robert Reford comment.

Anonymous said...

A bit of light relief with one I wrote on Sunday

Doolally Doolan he hailed from Killarney
He’d a way with the words that the Irish call blarney
He could spin you a yarn that was funny and charming
Or a tale filled with horror that you’d find alarming

You’d find yourself hanging on every word
Sure that never was such a big lie to be heard
Yet, still you’re convinced by his air of sincerity
Who’d tell such a fib. Who’d have the temerity

As he propped up the bar and swigged back the gin
He’d straighten and we’d know he was set to begin
The room could be rowdy but promptly would stop
In the hushed, eager silence you’d hear a pin drop

He’d a quiet, rasping lilt that held you engaged
Though in some of his tellings it raised to enraged
His stories would weave you so tight in their spell
So enmeshed, as though you were in them as well

Two days had elapsed, we’d not seen hide, nor hair
Traipsing to his lodgings in hope to find him there
Sadly, find the man we did and things were much amiss
Never again, I was certain, would I meet a man like this

Around me his weeping pals began to reminisce
Wracked by my own tears I planted one last tender kiss
Stunned by the marble touch of his frozen lips on mine
From which never more would flow some casual, dazzling line

I’d the task of cleaning out his room, heavy hearted, pushing broom
When under the bed a package I found all quite neat and tightly bound
There were cuttings and clippings from papers of old
All containing stories I’d often been told

“Doolally Doolan” most articles began
So they never were…just stories…they were…your man

Anonymous said...

Its true that other people get bullied a lot for a variety of reasons doesn't that just go to prove that most people are crap and are not prepared to even try to instil respect or celebration of diversity. Everyone get bullied lets carry on and keep bullying people seems to be the general consensus of most visitors to this site.

Anonymous said...

I am a new visitor to the gingerism website. Having spent the better part of an afternoon reading the various articles on the site i have to say that the best contributor by far is Madasa and it is unfortunate that she no longer feels she can continue posting.