Wednesday 23 September 2009


Poirot, Sherlock, Miss Marple. You’d have to be a lot better than them to detect the slightest hint of attraction, desire or passion in the inane, vacuous ‘ginger’ giggle in the ‘dating in the dark’ video. The ‘giggle’ is a complete and total piss take - there is nothing else.

While mousey mingers were getting compliments I was kept busy washing urine off my shoes as men’s reaction was to piss themselves while laughing in my face at their own joke.

They call me a ‘whinger’ like they did Dave Kitson, they can’t tell the difference between me and Dave, or any other natural REDhead male, or female we’re all just ‘ginger’ this, ‘ginger’ that, ‘ginger’ something or other.

In the UK there are White people, Black people and ‘Ginger’ people. We are often described as if we are a separate people, a separate race. The BBC video on this blog has someone saying “I like ‘ginger’ people”

A} As if we are a separate people

B} As if we have no individuality

C} As if we are all the same

The “Oi ‘ginger’ your c*nts a joke!” routine wasn’t funny to me the first time I heard it and 50billion times later? Ok so they may not be the exact words but that is what they’re saying, what their laughter says. Jack Dee, Jo Brand, Al Murray they all get paid to make people laugh but I’m expected to be an unpaid joke 24/7. It matters not whether I’m male/female, tall/short, fat, or thin they don’t see any of that, they don’t see me – I am ignored, they only see something ‘ginger’ one of those little joke things to call names and laugh at.

The biggest irony is that colour only looks laughable on the likes of Nicola Roberts and I. It takes on a different perspective when worn by Anita Dobson, Kim Thomson & Cynthia Nixon and they are not weighed down by years of ‘piss take’. A piss take that lasts from the schoolyard to the graveyard. Perhaps they walk with the dye packaging so they can prove they are ‘copper cutie’, ‘cherry charmer’ or ‘strawberry stunner’ whereas I am only allowed to be ‘ginger’. There are no nice, attractive, sexy or desirable ways in which I am allowed to describe my hair the dictatorship states that any pleasing description is a euphemism. I’m still bewildered by the need to bring someone’s hair colour into every conversation as though it is relevant. The stereotypical joke was around before we were born and the expectation is that we must all conform to fit in with the majority view of what we are. Being pre judged, dismissed as a joke, absorbing the unremitting negativity, the profanity, the almost daily insults that we are told are jokes has done nothing for me I got nothing out of it but insanity. They never ask how I feel about being a joke. My feelings, my character, my personality are invisible to them all they see, is the hair, is their joke.


Anonymous said...

Britain is mostly homogeneous, so people there are likely to pick on things that wouldn't otherwise distinguish people here in the U.S.; that tosser's Irish, that one's from the north, or blimey, get a load of that one, what an upper class c*#t. You get the idea. Japanese people are so alike they resort to ostracizing people for unbelievably trivial things. For instance, if someone has a tiny mole, or is slightly taller than his peers. Madness. I wonder how you would feel, Madasa, if you could go about your daily life over there in Jolly Olde England, armed? Would concealing a .45 caliber pistol in your handbag make you any more secure? We have a constitutional right to bear arms here in the U.S., did you know that? F@#k's sake, they carry high powered rifles to political rallies here, you wouldn't believe it, and it's all perfectly legal. Tell me, Madasa, have you ever felt smooth, cold steel in your hand, dearie? The POWER! I'm sorry, what was that? I'm a ginger c@#t? my friend. BLAMMO!!

Anonymous said...

I congratulate you. You have a brilliant command of english terminology for an American. Yes I've been to the states and most Americans I met weren't so patronising dearie. I don't feel insecure and I never walked with a handbag.