Sunday 27 September 2009


Perhaps the anon contributors to comments would like to believe reports such as that below are figments of my paranoia. Dr Michelle Elliott of Kidscape anti bullying charity said in 2007 of the bullying of redheaded kids “beyond bullying is in fact a hate campaign”. The bullying of redheads is funny and despite factual evidence, as shown on this blog, many ego maniacal showbizzy redheads busy spinning on ‘planet celeb’ far from the real world refuse to speak out against this sort of ‘humorous hate campaign’ possibly for fear of losing celebrity status they hegemonically subjugate themselves and determine that all other redheads should do the same. It is also a fact that ‘ginger’ is the verbal weapon used to demean, belittle and degrade redheads. ‘anons’ may like to argue with the facts - but they are facts and ignoring the facts is true insanity.

Bully teacher banned for one year

A primary school teacher who bullied pupils so badly that some showed signs of psychological abuse has been found guilty of professional misconduct. The General Teaching Council for Wales in Cardiff heard Joanna Hyde's teaching style was "dominated by negativity". Ms Hyde, 27, was a Year 5 teacher at the Welsh medium Ysgol y Berllan Deg in Llanedeyrn, Cardiff. She was suspended for one year and must train in positive behaviour management before being allowed to re-register. The panel heard she threw a book at one pupil, and called another a "wimp".

One pupil was so intimidated he asked his mother to dye his red hair brown so he would be less noticeable to Ms Hyde, the hearing was told.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm an anonymous contributor, and I would like to believe no such thing as has been suggested, for I am in the habit not of believing in things, but of understanding in facts. And furthermore, I would respectfully suggest that those who are regularly moved to post are, by the very nature of rhetorical expression, susceptible to hyperbole, and we the readers are not obliged in any way to accept any statements which are not fully substantiated in facts and reality, and this burden lies with the poster him or herself. Now, as for Ms bloody Hyde, age 27, you can throw a book at her ugly face and crack her witch's nose apart for all I care about her, and though I've never been to Wales, I understand it's full of boring, drunken sods, and no wonder.

Anonymous said...

Have we bothered to ask President Obama how he feels about he and his wife being made fun of by the Italian prime minister? Suntanned, eh? Oh, how droll. Perhaps it loses something in the translation. No, I agree with most views expressed here, and I don't doubt accounts of hostility, but when you start making threats that sound like cries for help, what else can I think but you're ill, and I want you to get some Goddamn help. Meanwhile, I think this blog is an excellent start on the road towards ending anti-gingerism world wide, though it's not going to be easy, not with people getting hysterical anyway. Dress that line! Suck in that gut! For God's sake, this is WAR! ATTEN - TION!!

Anonymous said...

As a 62 year old Ginger I would just like to say that this was common teaching practice when I was at school and was called discipline, a thing sadly lacking in todays generation.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 62 year old grey geezer discipline is sadly lacking but punish people for wrongdoing don't just spread fear and personal abuse around willy nilly that only demonstrates a lack of self discipline in the teacher. To the other anon I would say nobody is obliged to accept what I say as a fact but the facts do speak for themselves. It is unfortunate that making personally abusive comments about other people is rife. Celebrating diversity, achieving equality and acceptance of difference is a pipe dream.

Anonymous said...

anonymous sixty two year old who think something as bad as racism is common place ad there needs to be more of it is a simple moron and needs to remember we are in the 21st century