Friday 27 January 2012

Perspectives for Redheads

Columnist Kristen Tillotson mentions that it’s not easy being redheaded in her article:

Whether it's for good reasons or bad, there are plenty of times we seem to be reminded of our unique red tresses even as adults. Patti Stanger is the producer of a programme called Millionaire Matchmaker (on the Bravo cable television network) who has disparaging comments for redheads.

The social networking site Facebook currently has a page called "We Are the 2 Percent,” which is suggested to be aimed at Stanger. Erin Roche is the campaign initiator. She writes that the bigotry toward redheads is often mocked and ignored. Roche also says that gingerism is a tolerated form of prejudice.

In September of the preceding year, the largest sperm bank in the world (Cryos in Denmark) decided to prohibit any prospective donors whom have red hair. The clinic’s staff stresses no deliberate ill intent and asserts there just isn’t much of a demand.

Tillotson says some redheads find happiness and humour despite the behaviors some may encounter on a regular basis. Tim and Beth Robertson are mum and dad to four children, all of whom have red hair. Tim’s hair is auburn and his wife has strawberry blonde tresses. For the Robertson family, red hair is a commonality. They do claim to use more sunscreen than others.

Another fellow redhead, Ric Fohrman is 51-year-old car dealer and misses his hair-which he is starting to lose. Fohrman recollects that life at age 5 was difficult because of the teasing. However, as an adult he's enjoyed his red hair because people remember him more easily. He says being unknown is impossible for anyone with red locks.

At the conclusion of her article, Tillotson writes of several prominent redheads from the past and present.

The late actress and comedienne Lucille Ball believed that “Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a redhead.”

Post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh sported a red beard and had been known equally for his hair and artwork.

Renaissance-era painter Sandro Botticelli had dark hair (not red), but depicted Venus (circa 1486), the titian-haired Roman goddess of love. "Primavera" is another piece that Boticelli created illustrating red-tressed ladies.

Olympic snowboard multi-gold medalist champion Shaun White has often been called "The Flying Tomato." He used to enjoy the nickname but has since grown weary of it. People have also been known to call him "Animal," which is referenced to Jim Henson's “The Muppet show.”

Prince Harry is third in line to the British throne and although he has red locks, he's exempt from gingerism.

According to Tillotson, multi-record songstress Tori Amos isn't solely known for having bold red hues. She also has a soulful disposition.

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