Monday 30 January 2012

Red-headed Student Severely Targeted

Several days ago, an article was published concerning 12-year-old Tyler Walsh’s tribulations at Yate International Academy in Bristol. Tyler is no stranger to gingerism. His mum Emma is unduly aware of it as well. The article states that the school told Ms. Walsh it would be best for him to be taught in another setting away from the other students. She received this advice after her son had been cornered and harassed in the restroom by 10 other students.

Tyler has been bullied on more than one occasion since the start of his attendance at Yate International. His mum says the police were summoned following an altercation on the street. Tyler was kicked and punched in the abdomen. He has also been taunted in the hallways and has had his bagged lunch thrown out of reach during mealtime.

The school mentioned placing Tyler in an inclusion classroom to help him avoid run-ins with bullies. Ms. Walsh suggested having his schoolwork sent until he could begin at a new school. The academy denied her request because to do so (in their opinion) would mean abetting Tyler's absence.

Ms. Walsh is appalled at the treatment she and her son have received.

"Tyler is effectively being bullied out of school for being red-headed.”

"Yate International Academy has punished one boy, when a whole group were involved. I think it is absolutely disgusting."

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