Saturday 7 January 2012

Pride and Salvation for Redheads

Since the 1960s, many television and print advertisements seemingly focused much more on our blonde and brunette peers. Perhaps having red wisps or ginger locks was considered too bold. Appearance sadly received the brunt of criticism as much in the past as it does today.

Whether people recall being teased during a previous decade or the start of the millennium, we’ve all been taunted at one time or another. In today's day and age, being a redhead still appears to be causation for verbal provocation (especially among school-aged children). Merely because some may experience public ridicule doesn’t mean society should perceive gingerism as normalcy.

When exiting our childhood, copper tops tend to develop a higher self-esteem and enjoyment of their own looks. We may hear a slew of ongoing compliments. Whether we enjoy flaunting our copper, auburn or cascading strawberry blonde hair many ladies like a bit more than fair complexions or freckles on their faces.

The problem with conventional hair products often remains consistent in that the ingredients aren't appropriate for redheads. Red hair can be especially sensitive to the wrong formulations. It may become dry, brittle and can lose its brilliant coloration more quickly.

Skin care and makeup also needs to be specially prepared because redheads naturally have a paler skin complexion. Pale skin can burn or become damaged more easily. Therefore, products need to have more ingredients found in sun block or suntan lotions.

The fact remains that we have many cosmetic options available to put our best features forward. Jen Rose and Jess Shailes both have flowing red locks and are a mother-daughter cosmetics business duo. Both ladies admit that having red hair and pale skin can be an arduous thing to contend with.

Rose became frustrated when the shampoo she really liked later ceased to exist. This very thing motivated her and her daughter to run a business specifically designed for redheads-whether hair is its natural red hue or dyed.

Their website is which provides products with a more natural preparation. For Jen and Jess, business is booming all over Europe, Finland, the Mediterranean regions and the US. If you don't have red hair, don't worry. The fair-skinned population will also fare well.

Products are becoming increasingly popular among ladies having titian locks, pale skin or both. Paula Pennypacker is the president and founder of Just for Redheads. Her story begins like many others with red hair and pale skin tones. Finding cosmetics and haircare is quite a task.

Paula can recall being on her first date with her then-future-husband Duane Abbujay. He wondered why she’d worn black mascara, since she had red hair. Pennypacker always struggled to find the right products and felt she was limited to using cosmetics for brunettes or blondes.

She didn't like her appearance on television when she was running for mayor of Toledo. After she and her husband married in the early 1990s, they started running the business together. The website specializes in cosmetics and hair care for those of us with copper, strawberry and red-toned strands.

Zoe Wilson is another fellow redhead whom also made it a mission of hers to provide organic products specially prepared for the ginger-haired population. Chemical compounds such as parabens and SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfates) are absent from the Simply Redheads cosmetic and haircare line. Whether we reside in the UK, the Mediterranean or within the US, the website offers plenty of product information and delivers worldwide.

Although gingerism will likely exist for the remainder of time, redheads can unite and be proud of their locks and general appearance. The world is continually seeing more red and it's becoming more desirable. In fact, many brunettes and blondes have decided to become a copper or ginger top. Hopefully, this will continue.


Fox Michaels said...

Check out Sh*t Gingers Say!

Fox Michaels said...

Check out Sh*t Gingers Say!