Wednesday 2 September 2009


I love, am proud of, my son, my sister, my best mate. No one can bad mouth them or slag them off without getting an argument from me. If you’ve worked hard to get a home you are proud of you don’t allow anyone to trash it. If someone trashed it and told you it was ‘a joke’ how funny would you find it? Some REDheads pay lip service to being proud of their colour yet stand silent while the bland bollocked, mousey minged majority denigrate and disrespect it in a way Black people won’t tolerate if their colour is bought into disrepute. I don’t believe such silence demonstrates pride in their colour but a complete lack of bollox, ginger or otherwise, to stand up to bland bollox and his mousey minged mate. I believe these REDheads have been brainwashed to the point where they believe the majority do have the right to patronise them and their colour. They meekly accept the negativity and profanity that surrounds the word ginger “You f’n ginger tosser”, “You stupid ginger b*stard”, “You crazy ginger bitch”, “You f*cking ginger wanker”. The recent article ‘Ginger Phobia’ in a government publication acknowledged that general society does have a problem accepting REDheads without smearing them with the ‘G’ word as it was described in the article. Unfortunately while the government acknowledges this discrimination faced by REDheads it is singularly unwilling to act to stamp it out as that is how the majority of society gets its kicks [not literally as in the 2008 Vancouver ‘kick a ginger’ day] and would prove too unpopular a move as the denouncement of NATURAL RED hair is a deeply ingrained and embedded British past time. We had used to be charmed by their ‘carrot topped-veggie head’ comments along with various equally dismissive ‘name calling’. Why do I object to anyone telling me I must admit I’m only ginger. Is it because the word is surrounded by negativity and profanity and is generally accepted only to be funny, silly, laughable. I don’t mind straight talking. If I act like a c*nt call me a c*nt but don’t call me a c*nt, or take me for a c*nt just because of the colour I was born. Is it possible that just one word i.e. ‘ginger’ can oppress and depress? There is a precedent. Ask any Black over 50 if the ‘N’ word had the power to oppress, demoralise and dehumanise, if one word could speak volumes about how the majority viewed them


Anonymous said...

I had heretofore not been aware of kick a ginger day, so I watched a few you tubes clips on the subject; very upsetting. What's the remedy? Well, as you and I both know, Madasa, teachers and school administrators couldn't care less about the cause, or circumstances of student violence, whether conspiratorial or not. If 5 bastards beat on one victim, they are all charged with fighting. It is only the inconvenience of paperwork they are concerned with, and the burden of not appearing to show favoritism towards the victim, as the bastards' parents spew blame in all directions, except, of course, at themselves. And undoubtedly there are those teachers and administrators who would secretly champion those 5 bastards, should they happen to also be the darlings of the school; right, fun's fun, now everyone apologize and go back to class, the matter forgotten. This won't do. Therefore, it is up to the ginger himself to take a stand, and this is easily done. On November 19, the ginger must stand up in each class and make this simple announcement: My fellow students, if I am to be attacked tomorrow, then let it be known that though I will be unable to defend myself from multiple persons, it is very likely that I will seize at least one of you, and when I do, I will, with every fiber of my being, attempt to bite a piece of flesh from that person's face, though it is my earnest wish that this won't be necessary.

Anonymous said...

Is there some significance to november 19?

Anonymous said...

And after further consideration, an edit:

My fellow students, if I am to be attacked by you tomorrow, then let it be known that though I will undoubtedly be unable to defend myself against the hostilities of multiple persons, it will be, however, very likely that I shall, as a last resort and in my own defense, lay seize upon at least one of you, and when I do, I will, with every fiber of my being, attempt to bite a piece of flesh from the face of that so fated person, and I stand here today as ready, willing, and able as one could possibly be to accept the full consequences of that act, though it is my earnest wish that it not ever be necessary. Thank you.