Wednesday 30 December 2009

Individualism over Gingerism

The constituent parts of 'racist' bullying as described on 'kidscape' carries all the constituent parts of 'gingerism' thats why I ask 'what is the difference' and believe there isn't any difference. Nate argues semantics and has a fear of offending someone.
I'm not decrying the terrible history of 'racism' or that it still continues today but today you couldn't have a 'Santa love kids, even Black kids' xmas card or any other type of 'Black' joke. You will never be able to legislate ignorance & stupidity out of the human race but to keep arguing that ridicule & 'name calling', social isolation & social exclusion affect a Black individual more than a Redheaded individual is to say that Black people are not the same as the rest of us.

That is not my view but most of you seem to have that belief even Black people themselves. I think Black people are just like me and are affected just like me when their colour is derided that they bleed just like I would bleed if stabbed. That to be seen, to be recognised as something more than just the colour you were born is important to an individual.

Racists see only colour - they do not see or recognise a human individual.
Gingerists see only colour - its all they - its all they say - they don't see an individual human.
Anyway I won't be blogging no more though I'll continue to follow - keep abreast. Madasa


Anonymous said...

Individualism is why I don't join groups. I don't have anything in common with any other redhead other than hair colour and a general contempt from other people.

Anonymous said...

funny both nate and the other guy talk of the 'ashamed to be ginger' MIND GAME the majority play. They say 'ginger is shite and you're ginger' you feel bad & fall into the trap of thinking you feel bad because you're ginger but it's because they're telling you you're crap that you feel bad, not because of your hair colour. The colour is great many 'mousey maids' fake it but the psychological 'ginger is shite' message still hugely affects many 'natural' girls. It is a great irony - that the only fake redheads are fabulous. gingers are something completely different. MIND GAMES.

Anonymous said...

Now the 'hair dye' poll is closed is someone going to discuss the result?
Kelsey dyed her hair did it help? Did it alleviate her suffering?
Did it save her life?
Whether we like it or not the colour is in our pores, in our blood, in our genes - we can't escape it. Bonnie Greer can think it's as simple as dying our hair if we don't like the abuse but it as much a part of us as Black skin is a part of her. None of us can escape our 'ROOTS' Bonnie.
A Black person could white themselves up but 'racist' jibes would still strike home. To other women it is only a fashion colour to 'natural redheads' it is who we are and the incessant 24/7 x 365 negativity/jibes/jokes/ridicule/piss takes/putdowns strike at our hearts, our souls, our minds. Our colour is your problem - you insist on making your problem with our colour, our problem. Black is not the only colour that deserves respect. Black is not the only minority that deserves the protection of the law. Black people don't feel more pain than Kelsey, or Adam felt.

Nate said...

Sure, I'll blogg on the results of the hair dying poll...

I am done with the racism... gingerism is not racism and shouldn't be compared. (FULL STOP)