Tuesday 1 December 2009

Redhead Employment Discrimination (Continued)... LEGAL RIGHTS!

I have only checked with two law firms and both the two no win, no fee law firms, one of which is an employment discrimination specialists are encouraging me to make a 'Discrimination Claim'. I have thought about this and thought about this.

Since starting the article 'Redhead Employment Discrimination' I have been told by my parents that I am 'exposing myself', by an ex-girlfriend that 'I'll be hurting my teaching career', by a brother that Im 'just a PC thug'. Up until now I have had the relative safety of an alias name 'Nate', but to make a complaint... all this has potentially harmful consequences for all concerned.

I have thought...

...about the assistant principals concerned.

...what my original intentions of the article were. Simply writing out the redhead discrimination on a website dedicated to just that.

...what my intentions are in being apart of the gingerism.com site, which I have written out but will blogg about shortly.

...will I be branded a trouble maker by the department and the teachers in my state (the education department is a small community).

… about how I have felt genuinely discriminated against and would like to see it through, but would it be worth it?

...is there enough redhead discrimination out there, that I would be supported.

…I don't know the legal process and whether I would be forced to 'Name and Shame'


Any comments or advice would be appreciated...

... Please read the 'Redhead Employment Discrimination' article and its follow ups and respective comments. CLICK ON... the 'Redhead Employment Discrimination' link found on the right hand side of the site OR CLICK ON... the label below marked 'Redhead Employment Discrimination'

Should I go the legal route?


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Nate fails to understand that the 'insults' I repeat are DOCUMENTING the pejorative content, of the way in which 'ginger' is invariably described there is often the negative, derogatory prefix & or suffix. They are not insults I make up, I repeat them merely because I hear them and DOCUMENT them. The fact that I have been 'laughed off'/driven off the street by such abuse means that my prospects of employment are seriously hampered. It's not like I don't have a mouth smart enough and big enough to speak up for myself but there are millions of British bigots out there and I am outnumbered even on my street. Madasa

Dogg said...


Fuck this guy. Write whatever you want!

We are 3% of the world and need to shout!

Your on about suffix and prefix... here's a slogan.

"- - nga is racist?"

'nga' is the suffix to 'ranga' and 'ginga'

What do you think?

Dogg Out my G!

Anonymous said...

I and most of my family have ginger or red hair. I feel that people don't realise there is a problem because we don't stand up enough. it will be embarrising for the first of us, and we will have to have a sense of humour about the consequences. also I have noticed that most intelligent people do not participate in discrimination especially those of other minorities. we must gain awareness to be accepted.

Nate said...


I agree with you we need to raise awareness of the discrimination.

Do you have any ideas on how we can raise awareness?