Wednesday 13 January 2010


I thought I'd quickly get this in so as not to disrupt someone's else's more apt blog. That I appreciate Nate taking the time and trouble to properly research and document the many examples of gingerism. It is very important to have the evidence to support our 'subversive' cause. I've appreciated John's input too and hope that the more nonesensical Tanaurus and Dogg have had their day. I like to think I document the psychological and emotional effects that incessant gingerism has. As an uneducated, unsuccessful expert in suicide I can verify that suicide is rarely to never committed over one incident, that it is usually the last straw in a series of incidents, problems, abuses etc., I believe one of the biggest problems those of us who care about this issue face is the hegemonic redheads who support the majority view who believe like Paul Macinnes of the Guardian that kids like Kelsey & Adam die from a 'thin skin' which, of course is nowhere as serious as dying because of a Black skin such things cannot be compared.


Dogg said...
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Dogg said...

Still here...

Biding my time...

Finding MY VOICE...

Oh... and welcome to the ginger trolling ranks Madasa... Keep fishing... I prefer the 'Red' flesh (eg. smoked salmon) myself... keep at it my ginga... Nate will 'crack'!

Are you sure someone in your fragile mental state should be trolling... I mean your only recently back from your last tanty... which I must say was a brilliant example of us 'fiery redheads'.


While your back Madasa... explain to us clueless, sheepish redheads the following:

So what is this 'hegemonic' redheaded group you so un-educating-ly refer to? 'Hegemonic' is a big word. Thought it was strange that you didn't take up Nate's offer to explain. I'm like'n your style, playing ignorant... WOW!... now there's an original thought! (Nate, will bite, that one!)... Please explain?

Wasn't the 'black death' a plague?... Please explain?

You think you have the right to tell a ginger to say what he can and can not say about him/herself?... Isn't it great that you have the right to criticise the way you do?... We can do this all day... Talk semantics that is... hmmmm... I wonder if I actually know the definition of that word 'semantics'... Please explain?

First I thought like saying, 'What's that you said... sounded like ginger gibberish to me', but I like your playing ignorant style you Ginger; Gingwot; Duracel; Carrot top; Gingervitis infected; Carrot head; Rusty; Fire head; Carrot People; Ranga; Fanta pants; Fire crotch; Night walker; Daywalker; Ginger pubed; Blood nut; Bluey; Red bull; Red in the head like a dong on a dog;...
Soul-less bastard; Menstral breath; Freckle features; Good for nothin', but a fetish fantasy; Bother me elmo; ape carrying the ginger gene; Walking Dot to Dot; I Cu; Ginga minga; Match stick; The Fighin Titian, Tits for short; Eric The Red; Ginga Ninja; Ginger Refugee; Ketchup Curls; Bunsen Burner; Ginger nut, Carrot nose, pull the trigggerrr, and OFF you go!, Your head does look like chris evans penis; Jaffa; Ginger Whinger; The Ginger that snapped!... Why are you so beyond compare? Please explain?

I found a picture of you Madasa... GO TO...

This kind of debate is just to rich in fun... Oh and Nate... gingerism isn't a real word!


Its good to see that your still writing Madasa... F*** Nate!

Anonymous said...

Any redhead can say anything they like about themselves I don't know who I said shouldn't say what. My fragile mental state means that I'm expected to have tantrums. If you have difficulty with any of the words there a wee little book called a dictionary and definitions are also available on line. Like yourself Dogg I'm not playing ignorant we're the real thing are we not. I don't have the time to explain all these little things to you Dogg my life won't be that long & I don't recollect criticising anyone if I inadvertently did I apologise profusely. Is there some fiery heat going on Dogg its seems like your just blowing hot air like any old gas bag.

Anonymous said...

its well funny that people who write a bit posh like nate and madass are called subversive while the verbally abusive tanaurus and dog are like lackeys of the state chanting abuse and callin names its a bit of a turn up i hope being thought subversive doesn't frighten nate off like doggy on all fours lapping up the majority crap lick that ring doggie

John McAndrew said...

A problem with bullying nowadays is the way groups of people attach special importance to their type of bullying, compared to others. Perhaps Nate knows more about this, but if a child bullies a child in a racially motivated way, they can end up with a criminal record or at the very least, their behaviour documented in their school report as racist.

Today, Clegg of the Liberals called for faith schools to focus on homophobic bullying. Of course, this will lead to homophobic bullying being treated equally as racial bullying which implies society is moving towards all forms of bullying being equal, it's just some are more equal than others, at the moment. As a result, you have the other kids - the ones with Blonde/Ginger hair, fat/tall/small etc scratching their heads over why they're being indirectly assaulted by an institution that is supposed to promote equality. Only to be told by their parents that institutionilised secondary assault is perfectly legal.

There was an example of a teenager being convicted of playground race taunts after pushing girl, 14, to brink of suicide. From

"A teenage BNP supporter who drove a classmate to the brink of suicide has been convicted of racial harassment in a landmark legal case
The youth, 15, subjected his female victim to months of racist abuse, on one occasion telling her: 'Go back to your own country, you don't belong here.'
A court heard the 14-year-old girl - who had already moved schools once to avoid racist abuse - was also called 'wog, c**n, n****r, gorilla and golliwog' by her tormentor."

So this begs the question, if people are able to protect vulnerable people from harming themselves, shouldn't they do what's best for them?

This is why I think it's correct for people to racialise the bullying if other people have done so, because it promotes equality of bullying:

Fat people can racialise fatness by using the fact that fatness is partly determined by the environment and genetics, and tends to be found amongst certain racial/ethnic groups because it has an evolutionary advantage where food is scarce and energy needs to be quickly converted to energy during the winter months. So fatness is a part of one's racial identity, one could argue.

Likewise with small people. Smallness tends to be found amongst East Asians, with some evolutionary biologists arguing that it has an evolutionary advantage where food is scarce. The skeleteon of a Homo floresiensis was discovered in Indonesia in 2003 and is remarkable for its small body and brain. Isn't height, therefore, a part of a small persons racial identity?

For Ginger/Blonde/Brunettes, hair is modified skin and influenced by the same proteins that influence skin colour. So if skin is a part of our racial identity, so is hair, but arguably a more trivial version.

What about Olympic diving heroes such as Tom Daley, 14, forced to quit school by bullies?

Some woud argue that he has the world at his feet and is "thin skinned", yet these same cowardly adults would leave their job and take their employer to court over having to deal with a poisonous, hostile environment that leads to the suicide of children.

Anonymous said...

One thing the latest blogs and responses has shown is how individual and different redheads are from each other. Our characters, personalities and the way that we express ourselves is different which is why I find it hard to accept that society treats us all the same, stereotypes us and expects us all to respond to their focus on hair colour as being all we are and that we should all respond to the abuse in the same way as Paul Macinnes of the guardian and our lap Dogg to the majority who loves to call himself negative, derogatory names, which is OK if thats what makes him happy. Some redheads like to think they are more than just hair. I think if people can't bother to call me by my name they needn't bother call me at all. Though we are all different I hope we can continue to impress on the majority that their 'name calling' laughs, piss takes, putdowns actually kill people. It is not harmless fun. P.S Has NATE gone AWOL?

Anonymous said...

What concerns me most about all of this is that in the bantering back and forth all of you have totally forgotten the fact that Discremintaion is Discremination-- It doesn't matter the form it comes in... be it Hair, Skin, Size, etc-- it is what it is and it is wrong-- is what it is-- WRONG.

Years a little girl myself, I was tormented by many over my skin, hair, size etc-It was very hurtful and damaging..although, I can say that never did I once want to end my life because of it..

I gave birth to a son who suffered the same willful torments against him because he was different == he had Red hair-- so what?....I don't believe there was ever a time he wanted to end his life either...Do you know why?
Because I came from a family who believed in God and Godly principles--They instilled those principles in me and I have instilled those same principles into my son--

Now my point is not that believing in God will keep a child from discremination- or ending his or her life for that matter-- my point is-- maybe..just maybe, if we got back to Biblical principles, instead of worldly ones....We would not have this problem at all- We would not have kids in schools harming other children with their foul words-- we would not have parents sitting on the sidelines knowing they have a rotten child out there doing as they please and not doing anything about it-- we would not have parents that are blind to that fact that their child has issues and needs emotional help...Be involved in your childs life..Know what they are doing and who they are doing it with!

We need to be teaching our Children that (ALL PEOPLE) not just the perfect ones---Are Important....,loved by God and should be loved by us..

We should treat everyone as though they were our brother or sister.. But then we don't live in a perfect world- do we--

So what can we do?

Lean heavy on God and Keep him the center of your home-- Teach your Children and Grand Children.... make yourself a living example of what they should be and how they should treat people-- you say there is racism? Don't be a racist You want respect? Give Respect to ALL PEOPLE --No matter their skin, hair, size race..

Your children will thank you for it.

Dogg said...
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Dogg said...

Hey Madasa,

Why don't you post an article on this...

Nate's always wanting you to reference material... do it for a change.

You'd be p***ing him of totally because you'll knock the 'Doctor Who Apology' article off the blog front page.

Te he... do it!

Anonymous said...

Hot Diggetty, I ain't here to piss off Nate or anyone else and being on the main page ain't a particular ambition. Don't you blog Dogg? If you've got an interesting comment to make on that link I'll read it. I'm a bit surprised Nate ain't come back on the title of my blog as I don't expect everyone to feel as I do or agree with what I say. Me and you don't agree but we can still talk eh! Madassa

Anonymous said...

To our religious friend I would suggest there is no such thing as a perfect human which is why none of us should be casting any stones, in any direction. Madasa

Anonymous said...

Don't rely TO HEAVILY on 'Biblical Principles' please.

Leviticus 18:22, which says "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is an abomination"

Gay rights are just as important.

Anonymous said...

Gay rights, like Black rights are just as important BUT NOT MORE IMPORTANT. I am not more important than you and you are not more important than me. Legislation though seems to believe that some people are more important than me and you

willson said...

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Anonymous said...

In Australia, Ginger people who enter certain areas where Australia's wonderful, culturally rich indigenous population dominate the landscape are often attacked on site and beaten within an inch of their lives. The reason they do this is because Australian Abos are incapable of having red hair so there is absolutely no chance of them harming one of their own half cast "brothers." It doesn't matter whether genetics prove them wrong, it is what the Australian Abos believe, and when you are on the receiving end, that's all you need to know.