Tuesday 20 January 2009

'Ginger' considered less offensive than 'Paki'

From The Daily Mail:
Paki does not equate with calling someone ginger; only if people with ginger hair have been attacked in race riots, barred from renting property, beaten up in school and not given jobs because of the colour of their hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, would it somehow be on a par.
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Note: Ginger kids were beaten up as recently as last year due to the high-profile Kick a Ginger campaign promoted on FaceBook.


Kate Richardson said...

I will probably end up on Today Tonight for saying this but I think ginger-prejudice is up there with the rest. In fact, I hate the word 'ginga' pronounced with the hard g, as I think it sounds like that highly offensive word 'nigger'. I'm not trying to equate our two prejudices, I'm just saying it sounds similar.

A pregnant friend of mine, without actually realising what the impact of her words, said " after seeing that movie about autism, it makes you think oh well if I have a fat kid or a ginga kid'.

I rest my case

Anonymous said...

whats wrong with you of course it's offensive what wrong with red hair i think it make you lokk better than every one else

June said...

People with "RED" hair are a source of ridicule and bulling in the playground. I know this from experience and that of one of my children.

My daughter-in-law is about to have a baby and more than one person has said to her "I bet you hope it is not ginger" (or words to that effect).

I hated my hair colour when I was yonger and was very envious, if not downright jealous, of my blonde and brunette friends.

However; I am 53 with a head of long, naturally coloured reddish hair that is now the envy of my peers. Raspberries to them; there is an upside to having red hair even though you have to wait until you are in your 50s.