Monday 12 January 2009

Jeremy Clarkson strikes again

From Business Daily Africa:
As you may know, I’m not well disposed to the idea of governments banning things, except for beards and ginger hair and butter beans and Scotsmen sitting in Westminster and caravans and any talk of global warming by people who don’t know what they’re on about and the Toyota Prius and books with no plot and costume dramas on ITV and anything with Jade Goody in it and Ken bloody Livingstone, but the only thing that stops me from banning the Fiat Panda from the outside lane of a motorway is that May would become even later for his call times on Top Gear.
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Anonymous said...

I have never actually felt good that I will be bringing up my children in America. They love redheads here.

Anonymous said...

I'm ginger, I'm Scottish, I like Ken Livingston, I talk about global warming, I like butterbeans, I don't mind costume dramas.

So I should maybe be sextupely offended, but I'm not. I hardly ever agree with what he says but I almost always find it funny.