Monday 26 January 2009

Root Ginger Exhibition Interview

Jenny Wicks, the photographer for the Root Ginger Exhibition has elaborated on her event in an interview with Susannah Worth of SpoonFed.

SW: Your previous work has addressed minority groups and sub sets. Can you tell me a bit more about that work and how it fed into Root Ginger?

JW: Photography is a great way to draw attention to groups of people we might see everyday but don't really think about. We all see thousands of images every week – celebs and models. I'm not interested in that, I'm much more drawn to everyday people that are genuinely remarkable but ignored.

SW: Can you describe the research that was undertaken as part of the project (to be presented in the book)?

JW: Myself and Hugh Kippen (a biologist and researcher) did the research. There are a couple of books that were published a while ago and a few interest groups on the net but for something that is so common and related to so many big issues it seems strange there is not more literature out there. It was about pulling together lots of different strands. Red hair can tell us about how humans developed and became hairless, about human migrations, how we survived the ice age, mechanisms of sexual attraction, skin cancer, prehistoric diets, social prejudices – loads of stuff.

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Exhibition Dates: To learn more about the exhibition including times and venue information, please see our Root Ginger: A Study of Red Hair post.

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