Tuesday 25 August 2009


When did you hear anyone ask Wesley Snipes, Frank Bruno or Kofi Annan if their bollox were Black? If they haven’t why haven’t they? If they have did would the questioner end up with eyes the colour of Wesley’s bollox?

As far as I am aware Prince Harry is the only man in the public eye [except Rupert Grint on the Pub Landlord programme] who has been asked this intrusive, abusive and obviously discriminatory question.

In both these cases it was a man asking another man. So what was the point of this discriminatory question? Was it to amaze? Was it to amuse the redhead? [NO]

Was it intended as a compliment? Was it an attempt to pull the redhead by showing an interest in his nether regions? Can the soldier or Al Murray explain their interest in another mans bollox? Why do the majority feel obligated to ask this abusive, intrusive question?

As a female who has been asked the question a lot I don’t know what the point is. I say to myself if this eejit doesn’t know the answer he ain’t got enough worldly knowledge to be much of a shag. If he does know the answer why is he asking the question? Does he really think I will be amused by a discriminatory question that I’ve been asked at least one million times. Can he really be so stupid as to believe he is the first to ask? Am I amazed, amused, turned on, embarrassed or humiliated? My reaction is none of these but that’s where I’m at a loss. What is my reaction supposed to be? I really don’t know I wish someone would explain I feel stupid because I don’t know. I do know it is discrimination. I know natural blondes are occasionally bothered by such a question but there are not the ready and uncomplimentary names that seem to automatically spring to peoples minds as with redheads. If you’re not my doctor and you’re not my lover on a need to know basis why do you need to know? Why do you need to ask? If you don’t know me why do you feel the need to call me contemptuously familiar names?


Anonymous said...

Leave Al Murray out of it girlie

Anonymous said...

As a fellow female ginger, i myself have also been asked this question, but by friends and colleagues. I never know what to answer, and i'm sure if i retaliated with the same question i would be looked at as though I was stupid.It is not as though it should matter to these people and as you say it is on a need-to-know basis only. I would love to know how other pepple have responded to this personal question.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pal, believe me, no one was more shocked than I that Al showed so much, nay, any interest, in another mans bollox. I never thought for one moment he had a ‘QUEENS’ head he just never looked the sort – to run such a pub.

To the anonymous female I'd say it's strange to think its rude to ask a ladies age but not to ask a redhead about her private parts. Are your friends/colleagues particularly dumb or do you work in the sex industry in which case it could possibly be their business as they might need to know what is 'on sale' otherwise I'd say they want to make you look stupid in which case they are only colleagues and not friends. Madasa

Anonymous said...

on rapid reflection I'd ask bland bollox if his 'bollox were as bald as the top of his head' if he was bald. If he needed as much 'product' to stiffen up things in his pants' if he's spiky on top. For the unwashed guys 'if they're as greasy in the pubes department'. As for Mousey Minge you have to be very careful charges of sexual harassment, or plain bitchiness could be aimed at you. Under no circumstances must you 'rip the proverbial' out of decent womens bodies its just not allowed. Take your pick or make up your own responses. madasa