Thursday 20 August 2009


I truly believe that Gingerism is no different than racism in that what brings about the majority wrath is the colour we are born.
Many of the majority say that fat people and others get bullied as well, which is true but them bragging about the amount of bullying that goes on in British society is another debate.

I object to being likened to the fat, being ridiculed like the fat

a] Fat is not a minority - obesity is an epidemic

b] Fat is, for the most part, a lifestyle choice something that happens when you do something wrong like eat too many pies.

c] When the 'fat' tire of being ridiculed, loose weight and conform - the majority will hoop and holler and congratulate them. Can Redheads really conform when body hair is the most contentious issue.

The current Gingerism debate on Redheads dying their hair is whether that is conforming, or escaping from majority sniping, bullying - does it depend on how bad it gets - how isolated you are within the majority group?

I dye my hair not because I don't like it but because if I don't, the majority continue to kid themselves they are sharing a joke with me - and that it is OK for them to carry on?

I don't mind at all if you disagree - I like a good debate - maybe some of your thoughts have never occured to me - let me have them. madasahatar


Anonymous said...

I once dyed my hair black and went to a party as Groucho Marx. It was amusing to me that a ginger girl who never gave me the time of day came up to me and chatted me up, until she realized that it was her ginger "buddy" from the dining hall. Later that night, I went to another party, same costume, and I was hit on by a girl dressed as a ninja. Perhaps I never went to the right parties.....

Anonymous said...

Whoa mate you're one wit and half, or is that a halfwit managing to predictably mention ginger and ninja in one short paragraph it sounds like you're a really popular guy when you're being someone else. madasa

Anonymous said...

You once dyed your hair black and went to a party as me? That reminds me, I once dunked my head in a bucket of pig shit and went to a party as you. (crowd roars, claps) Say the secret word and win $50, and I'll give you a hint: it isn't moron, or dip-shit, or shit-for-brains, but any of those might apply. (crowd roars) Frankly, I've seen better complexions on a corpse. (crowd roars, applauds lustily) Are you ready to play You Bet Your Life?

Anonymous said...

Pig Shit, Me, you're being too generous mate. As for looking like a corpse there's many a necrophiliac made a pass at my direction at parties with lots of 'white lines' did I pass you up at one of them? 50 bucks is way too cheap mate, up the ante. love madasa

Anonymous said...

I find it quite sad that the author of this piece dyes his/her hair, although I can relate to how amusing it must be to get those "inside" jokes.
I totally agree with the sentiment behind this. Brilliantly put.

Unknown said...

I also find it sad you died (intended) your hair. Let the shallow brainwashed masses persecute you, it screens out those not intelligent enough to deserve you.

Anonymous said...

I find it devastatingly sad that there are too many superficial people who think that a peripheral thing like hair colour can influence who and what you are. I'm afraid thats the majority view. If more people recognised that the discrimination and prejudice endured by REDheads was grossly unfair then it would have been stopped b4 now. Too many people enjoy the 'ginger' joke and the superior feeling that I guess goes with it.