Tuesday 20 January 2009

Jamie Oliver's ginger beard banned from kitchen

From The Sun:
Last night the telly star showed just how much he's grown, sporting a full-on, scruffy beard.

And instead of his blond locks, his hair looked rather ginger.

Writing a news article dedicated to the colour of Jamie Oliver's beard is strange but it's hardly an example of gingerism. However, the tone continues to hint in that direction with the final comment.
Let's hope he has a quick shave next time he is let loose in the kitchen.
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Anonymous said...

Every true British male will have a tiny hint of ginger in their beard. It is due to our ancestry and means you are 'Son of Albion' which I think sounds great - it's something to do with when some Greek chap first saw our island and called in Britain - he named it 'The White Island' (due to the appearance of the cliffs. How interesting.

Rainbow Jelly Beans said...

speaking of ginger beard

has anyone seen that ginger beer advert, where everyone has a ginger beard while drinking it

uhh whyyyy? what is the point of that