Wednesday 21 January 2009

Kiss a Ginger Day receives global coverage

Kiss a Ginger Day is celebrated on 12th January.


Derek Forgie, talent co-ordinator for MTV Canada and a natural redhead, recently created Kiss A Ginger Day on Facebook, which was celebrated on Jan. 12.

Forgie said he started it as a "karmic counter-event" to Kick a Ginger Day, which made national headlines last November after redheaded kids were bullied for their hair colour.

That event was also started on Facebook, by a Vancouver Island teenager. Kick a Ginger Day was based on a Southpark episode and quickly spread across the country. In Prince George, B.C., one boy was sent home from school with bruises after being kicked at least 18 times.

People of all nationalities and hair colours reacted to the event, described as an example of "gingerism" -- the discrimination against redheads, or "gingers."

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1 comment:

Ginger Campbell, MD said...

I came to your website to find out what gingerism was. I was surprised to learn that it appears to be discrimination against redheads.

The irony is that I have spent my life as a "Ginger" because when I was a baby my Mom called her little "Ginger Snap" because of the color of my hair. But I am not a redhead. Ginger Snaps are a cookie that is sort of light-brown in color.